Recap (W/E – 10/1)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy weekend my vastly veritable vagrants, (it’s a thing – don’t look it up). So it’s Sunday, and as we wind down from our wild times, why not reflect on the week gone by? That’s my way of saying “Buckle Up!” It’s time for the Recap!

1.) This week began with a jab at the ol’ home/work life. For those of you interested in mastering your Multitasking bravado – may I suggest Multitasking and its’ LifeHack counterpart. (If you want to really impress me, do it while your juggling, on a mountain, in the snow, while writing Memoirs of a Kardashian. Or don’t and say you did. No one’s watching). 

2.) After that – we touched on (don’t worry – it’s of age) the reality of success in writing – with Proliferation  Don’t let the Batman references fool you – I’m just the average citizen. (“Until CRIME IS AFOOT!”),

*puts on cape*

*tries to fly*

*falls down steps*

*Sadly returns*


3.) For any of you potentially in writer’s block hell or licking a creative wall – may I recommend DevelopmentIt may not be the cure for your issue, but at the very least it should get you going. (Besides, it’s free – quit your bitchin’.)

4.) As a tail-end to the week, I decided to be clever with Wrap-Up. If you’re near completion of a project and just can’t quite wrap your head around how to tie everything up all nice and pretty – this could be the foot in the rear-end that you need, (or maybe you’re just into that sort of thing #NoJudgement). Oh, it also happens to be my two-hundredth post. It’s okay, you don’t have to buy a cake or anything (*single tear drop*).

And finally,

5.) As is my way (albeit to the displeasure of some), I capped off my week with a new installment of The Writer’s Block Podcast . Join me this week (last week? Whenever you are, I don’t care – it’s all an illusion. *questions brownie he ate earlier*)  – as I give you some info on my career, some writing advice (IN MY VOICE, #SelfLoveBestLove), prey on bridesmaids, and point out a fatal flaw in the hit movie Zootopia. It’s a hell of a time.

Alright my pretties, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend (and my week gone by). I’ll see you tomorrow for a new post about something that’s something – and as always, try not to die.

Class Dismissed,

-Antwan Crump.

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