Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Hello again and happy Monday my delusional delegates. I hope that your weekend went well , (or at the very least better than usual) and that you are here in good candor, (or – ya; know – however you normally operate). So it’s the beginning of the week and as is my way I’ve got a lecture for you sociopaths. The lecture being – Words, (Oh! Wait! Should I do the thing? I think they like when you do the thing).

Words, ( otherwise known as – the reason your Ex doesn’t call you anymore. ((YES!!!! That felt good)). So, I’ve gotten into an argument recently (and normally), about the importance of the vocabulary used in a particular story that I’ve written. The advice was essentially this “Some people won’t get what you’re saying if you use BIG words, and if you only use simple words they’ll call you stupid”, (my honest opinion is – Fuck People- For my foreign friends -that means that I don’t care about them) – the takeaway here is, to not listen to anyone who’s not doing what you’re doing).

People tend to have wretched opinions -when it comes to what they decide to love or hate (and uninformed opinions in general), the thing that you have to remember is –  that at the end of the page – it’s your voice, you can only tell the story in that way. Perhaps, “getting it”, isn’t the issue – so much as it is “finding those who are willing to listen”, (Or read. I don’t know your medium – just hear me out ((or read me out?) I’m growing uncertain of how you all digest this). Let’s power through-

*sips beer*

Anyway, words are important, but if they’re not yours – then the message gets lost. Sure, it’s great to be considered The WORDSMITH OF THE CENTURY! But, isn’t it for naught if you aren’t heard? Stick to your gut, and express yourself in the way that comes naturally to you, (I mean, that is your most honest tone isn’t it?). By conforming to the standards of others – you’re effectively limiting your own. Dare to be different. (Remember, different: created the airplane, the cotton gin, THE FUCKING INTERNET, and anal beads ((#Callback) – why not be that?).

Use the words that people understand, but never forget – they’re yours (it’s the one currency that you infinitely have), so speak up – but it has to be you!

Readers cherish the connection. Even if you conform to the literary zeitgeist -at some point the real you will be fleshed out. So let’s all just commit to endorsing ourselves first, (it worked for Donald Trump), finding our audience, and then providing them with more of -not only what we love – but what we love doing.

It may seem like a small step, but it’s in the direction that we’re supposed to go. Use YOUR words. We’ll be ever appreciative.

Go kick Monday in the gonads,

-Antwan Crump.


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