Recap – (W/E 10/9)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy Sunday my myopically focused horde. How goes the weekend? In any case – just rest in the tender thought that you’ve still got a bit of it left, (depending on your side of the planet of course). Anyway – as has become my obsessive ritual – let’ s dive into this week’s Recap.

1.) We started off this week much like any other masterful (albeit less profane) piece of literature – with a conversation about Words. Perhaps you’re insecure and need some uplifting advice on the extent of your vocabulary (or lack thereof) – or maybe you just need to kill a few minutes. In either case here. Besides, it’s free and good for ya’ – (did I mention that it’s free?).

2.) We then took a bit of a nose dive into the mind of the writer (and let’s face it most people) – with StressWe all go through it and for most of us – it’s just a part of the process. If you need some help staying off the crazy pole (please don’t tell me if you’re sitting on it) , this could be the lifesaver that you need.


“You’re not alone.”

*awkwardly crawls back under your bed.*

3.) After a missed day – it felt right to give you guys a double whammy of a posting day. I did so with the (painfully) self-descriptive – Positivity and Negativity. They work together or as standalone posts depending on what you’re into (kind of like the Nolan Trilogy #TheDarkKnight #Fanboy).

And Finally,

4.) We capped off this mad haberdashery (DAMN YOU DOWNTON ABBEY!) of a week as we always do – with a new installment of The Writer’s Block PodcastJoin me this week as I haphazardly plan a trip, imagine what weddings are like, further lose touch with reality, and see a Centaur on the train. (Don’t steal that title. I’m going to make an odd short Indie film).

Alright, team we did it. I hope you enjoyed last weeks hornswoggle (DAMN YOU AGAIN DOWNTON ABBEY!) – and gear up for another week of my literary nonsense. Have fun with the rest of your weekend and I’ll see you mañana. (Pssst… I’m gonna go watch Downton Abbey).

*puts on monocle* 

Cheerio and What Not,

-Antwan Crump.

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