Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Thursday, (Whoa! Anyone else just get Deja’ Vu?) my pessimistically panicked pariahs. I missed a day this week, so it seemed fitting to make it up with a double post that we can all get behind-

*looks around smiling*

*No one noticed*

*Sadly continues..*

Negativity, (commonly known as – the self-kamikaze – (look it up –it’s not as sexual as it sounds- still kinda hot, though, #notreally)). Yes, the other side of the paradigm -that is the existential coin- that’s often lingering behind pretty much anything that isn’t a rare victory. (Is that Emo enough for you?).

Not unlike positivity – negativity should be considered nothing more or less than a tempory (and normal) state of being. We get bad news, we get no news – we think the worst. It’s an impressively easy hole to fall into (not dissimilar to a Hilton or a Kardashian). However, we should remember not to stray from hope in seemingly dark times.

Being a pessimist -is comparable to choosing to only travel downhill. It’s easy, it requires little thought, and unfortunately -it could even be fun.The problem with this -however – is that if you’re always choosing to descend – you’ll never rise. (I know, I know, cliche’ – but bear with me.)

It always goes the same – in the beginning, when you come off as sad or depressed – people will care. They’ll ask : “Are you okay?” , “What’s wrong?”, “Is there anything that I can do?” (Or they just won’t give a damn. But assuming they do -) this attention can become addictive – and for the less self-aware, can lead to you opting for misery more often than not, purely for the sake of receiving the good will of others. That goodwill is never permanent – and exhausts way more quickly than you’d expect.

Once people are sick and tired of your moping around – they’ll begin to avoid you. This separation will, of course, lead to you feeling crappy about it, and (because you’ve opted to solely go downhill) – will lead you down a rabbit-hole of depression and sadness, that will seem increasingly impossible to escape.

Now, rather than go on some gratuitous tangent about the triumph of the human spirit, let me just say this – DON’T DO THAT! The mind is like a muscle, if you’re only working it out to beat yourself up, or delve into pessimism – it will learn to do that subconsciously – leaving you victim to an avoidable sea “WHY THE HELL AM I SO SAD???!!!” – and again, by that point – few people will have the energy to care.

Instead – when faced with problems, issues, or whatever else that can bring you down – focus on the grander task at hand- your goals, dreams, and eventual success. By focusing on your happiness -you may not be happy all of the time- but you’ll deflect the negative emotion that could send you -face first- into the Alaskan tundra. For more on how to be positive (and to understand that Alaska joke), may I suggest my post Positivity.

Alright, I’m sure you’ve had enough of me for today, (if not – then I’ve had enough of you. #ToughLove).

The Writer’s Block Podcast tomorrow and the Recap after that. See you guys there.

Keep your head up,

*smacks your throat*

“Ha! Ha!! Ha!!!”,

-Antwan Crump.

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