Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy Thursday my optimistically inclined orchestra, (if you don’t play an instrument, then you are musicians of life *hugs tree*). Any who – I hope that your week thus far has been as kind to you as a lobbyist is to a politician – If not, hopefully, this post will keep you from taking that final dive into insanity.

Positivity, (otherwise known as – the reason you can’t stand that one smiling clerk at Starbucks). Let’s face it, folks we live in a pretty cynical world, time, and (insert third thing within the galaxy here). Often times it can be hard to see the brighter side of things, (especially if you live in Alaska during their weird 6 months of darkness, vampire orgy fest thing). But the truth is, that most times – it’s the only way to get out of particular low-points unscathed.

I get it, no one wants to be that strange person (dancing in the rain – singing that insufferable #Annie song) – but try to at least not be negative – if for no other reason than to allow your ambition to continue driving you forward.

Positivity, is not so much a constant state of mind, however. If we think of it as more of a tool to be used against the dark forces, (especially of Alaskan origin), then maybe it won’t seem like “the child’s way” of handling them.

In reality, most of us are neither positive nor negative – we kind of just are. It’s when we are faced with a situation, and subsequently, categorize it as positive or negative – that our mood begins to take shape around that, (aforementioned) situation. It’s in these times that it’s imperative to remember to isolate that problem from our day-to- day lives and press forward.

In a way – that is all that positivity really is. It’s not swinging from lamp posts, with a dozen roses, (and possibly an elevated blood alcohol level) – it’s simply realizing what the negative is and choosing not to allow it power over us, (alcohol consumption optional, just don’t annoy me).

So don’t allow the over-the-top antics of some – dissuade you from seeing positivity as a viable option. You’ll still be handling the emotion just as seriously as if you were walking around with a rotten attitude (decidedly more so, because you’re choosing not to let it affect who you are).

Be positive. Remember that it’s the only way that we can get through this life, without several visits to the psych ward – where they will undoubtedly drug you with all of the anti-depressants in the world, (save those for your day off at home – where you can enjoy them).

I’m all for bad moods and I get that sometimes – it’s the only natural way to react to things. Just keep it all in perspective, don’t let it drag you along (it’s a deadly Alaskan spiral downward). Put a smile on.


“The sun will come out – tomorrow, bet your…..”

*notices your angry stare*

…..Okay, I’ll stop. 

Live Long (and second thing),

-Antwan Crump.

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