(Photo Courtesy Of: Drugs! Don’t do them, kids.)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Hello, and welcome my previously prevented patriots. How goes the week thus far? (Don’t tell me, I don’t care.) So today let’s talk about the ever looming elephant in the room – Stress, (wait, the thing….Oh that’s right!).

Stress, ( otherwise known as the reason that you couldn’t get it UP -that one time).  It happens to the best of us. Unavoidable, un-retractable, and unmanageable. Let’s unpack it then.

It always begins with a simple problem, issue, or worry (not that they aren’t valid – they just don’t matter). You stress about the “goings on” of your life and your choices, (I get that – seriously, I do *looks for flask*) The thing to remember here is that most (if not all) of these worries, are circumstantial. Your job is to push forward. Let the problems handle themselves.

I get it. You’re tired, worn, beaten down, and want to quit – but what good would that really do? That little voice in your head is telling you to “quit because it’s smart.”, however it’s not being realistic – it’s simply a pawn -acting in favor of your demise. Here’s a factual version of that – “Finish – because if you don’t- you’re the person that almost won”. (It’s a little harder to swallow, but true – none the less).

Let go of the fear and the stress will quietly exit after it. Your pressure isn’t what others think, it’s what you think – your only job, IS TO CREATE! So do so, until your little (insert occupation here) heart is filled. We have enough assholes. Quit being the sphincter.

Being anything worth mentioning is a long and hard road (Giggity), but it’s one that we court – with our initial ambition. We must rise to the occasion of being the person that we need to be – THAT MAKES THINGS HAPPEN, (cry babies, never won a war. So Chest out, arms firm, and necks conveniently sturdy ((#DirtierThanIMeant)). Make,  no mistake – this is a war.

Arm yourself, with the skills you’ve built -become better, and treat the system like it disrespected one of your parents. The stress will dissipate accordingly, (#SoDon’tStressIt), it’ll be fine, as long as you keep working toward forward, (don’t steal my cool catchphrase). Just keep working.

I’m not sure how else to end this conversation. So I’ll awkwardly walk away.

*awkwardly walks away*

*returns for forgotten coat*

*stares sensually into your eyes*

*leaves again, (forgets coat)*

*disappears into darkness*

*audibly stubs toe*

“I tried”.

-Antwan Crump.

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