Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Aloha, and happy Wednesday my mild mid-week migrants. It seems that (against my will), I’ve begun developing a sort of theme this week. This is by no means on purpose -(I just tend to write to you voyeur enthusiasts in real time). With that, lets proceed –

Development – ( otherwise known as evolution’s underachieving cousin).

So you’ve done it, (well at the very least you’re trying to). You’ve come up with an idea -and it’s time to bring your fantasies to the white screen.

You scream“WOOO!!!! “, sit, and position your fingers -prepared for the muses tickling of your, (insert naughty parts here). But alas, nothing appears on the page but a flickering vertical line.

“Damn you flickering vertical line! You torrid SHREW!” – sorry, flashback.

Anyway, sound familiar? That is because my friends this is the all powerful, “I didn’t plan a damn thing!” -moment. (Don’t feel bad, it’s almost a necessity for most of us to kick-start the creative juices.)

This is where development comes into play.

Once the concept is attained, it can become easy to trick ourselves into believing that the story will somehow write itself. Sure, that’s wishful thinking – some writers even say that it does indeed write itself – but that, unfortunately ,my friends is, (misleading hyperbolic bullshit?), well, let’s just say wrong.

Developing your work, whether it be through outline, bullet points, (anal beads), or just plain mentally fleshing out the story- is a crucial part of the writing process.

No, you do not need a full on blueprint of the entire work to be. You don’t need names, locations, (more anal beads), or anything -other than the problem. You can have all of the kickass characters imaginable, however -without a formidable problem or struggle- the story simply won’t write.

Once you have the problem, think of some characters. They don’t have to be the main characters, nor secondary, just someone who could exist in the world that you’ve created. How do they speak? How do they act? How has this world molded them? Then, create more and have them interact with each other. This exercise will not only help you mold this world and the characters within it -but will also give your story, (the beginnings of) a voice.

Once you’ve taken these few steps, all that’s left is the starting point. Where do we start?  Who do we start with? (Where can I find more anal beads?) At that point, you can scream at the keyboard and let the muses take you into sweet ecstasy. And remember- it’s you who wrote it, (not those filthy muses – who’re always tryna’ take credit).

Hope you enjoyed today’s dose of insanity, and as always – I hope it helped, (or at the very least- got you thinking about anal beads. #Inception). 


*jumps on horse*



*rides away*

-Antwan Crump.


*falls off horse*

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