Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Salutations and happy Tuesday my tireless tirade of typers, (that sounds like the most peaceful war party of all time). I hope your Monday was as easy as kindergarten, (failing that – as easy as writing a pop song). Speaking of Monday, yesterday we talked about the art of the Multitask, albeit in my special – almost Werner Herzog-esque way (look him up you waste of hemoglobin (look that up too while your at it)). Anyway let’s continue the theme and take a look at the importance of proliferation.

Realistically speaking, writers rarely hit once, catch fire, than have a mountain of (insert your currency here) – to sit back on and relax (while Russian twins tickle your….) Okay, let’s stay on point. With that fact, it’s always important to not only have a workable archive at your disposal; but also have multiple “rods in the ocean”, while you await a chance to strike.

To achieve this – *sensai voice* – “one must learn to be prolific in their movement”. Like any good boxer, stategist, or third vaguely applicable profession: active progression is necessary to get ahead of the pack and thrive. As writers, we do this by multitasking – to the extent of stretching ourselves to the stage -just before we break in half. (I know, it sounds scary, and it is *puts on Scarecrow mask* BWAHAHA!!!). Seriously though, it can be a difficult process. The secret here is that, not unlike Batman, with every break – you become more tensile, and capable of handling the load, (you dirty girl).

*Sidenote – every one has their own process, steps, and methods of getting to this imperative point. The most effective mode of practice, (pertaining to this specifically), is to work your way through your own ability. Copying the methods of others, may limit, or otherwise stall you beyond recompense.*

A couple things you should know though, (before you go all #RockyMontage) –

1.) This isn’t something that writer’s should be concerned with in their early developmental stages. First you must find your voice, learn to write it, then do it well – at that point, “You have my permission to die”. (Can any one tell that I’ve been on a HUGE #TheDarkKnight binge as of late. I know, I know – I should be reading- but screw you! MOVIES!!!)

2.) As anything else worth having – this is something that takes build up. As I mentioned yesterday – if you try to dive into the deep end, (before you know how to tread water)- you will drown and NO ONE will save you, (mostly because it’s a metaphorical drowing).

*Imagines you on dry land, frantically gripping a floatee.*

*Laughs uncontrollably*

And lastly,

3.) Know your limits DAMN IT! I know that I tend to harp on this, but I can’t persist enough that it’s WAY better for your writing, and more importantly your psyche – that you know when you’ve hit your wall. You will gradually learn to extend beyond it, but if you push too hard to soon – the recovery time will be an infinitely bigger detriment to your creative capability, than just advancing naturally. (Rub one out, and go easy on yourself).

Alright my pretties. I could go on, but I need to save you something for the rest of the week, (besides, I kinda just don’t want to. #TakingOwnAdvice). As per my apparent mandate, I hope that this helped. I’ll see you tomorrow for another…..

*remembers you and the floatee again*

*laughs uncontrollably*

*drifts into madness*

Go treat Tuesday like it stole your baby,

-Antwan Crump.

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