Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, my staunchly softcore starlets – “top of the morning”, and happy Monday to ya’. As per my usual, (yet generally insincere) wish- I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend and continue to be unsullied, ( or sullied. I don’t care – the point is that you should be watching #GameofThrones.”)

*weeps for Jon Snow*

*remembers that he’s a season behind*

Whew, that was a close one. Anyway – Multitasking , (otherwise known as –the reason that mommy missed your recital- FORGIVE HER DAMN IT!!! SHE DID HER BEST). Uh…. okay, moving on-

So as most of you know – I’ve been a bit of a busy body as of late. With the site, my novel, the podcast, etc, oh -and also my actual, (flesh and bloodlife – it’s been necessary for me to learn how to pull a juggling act of sorts.

I tried the brute force way, (which led to burnouts), the relaxed patient way, (which led to falling behind schedule), and pretty much everything else that you could think of to avoid cutting into my “me time”. ( “Me time“, which let’s be honest -equates to me sitting on the couch, in my boxers, binge watching YouTube videos. Fun, but ineffective.)

So here we are, at the dreaded adulthood trial of multitasking. It all begins, ( as I’ve suggested in the past) -with a schedule. This one would be different however.

*Sadly burns boxers*

The harsh reality here kids, is-  the more you take on in pursuit of your goal- the more you must let go, to make time to achieve it.

Ergo, write a few pages = lose a few hours of aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, (#(insertemogeehere). What are you NUTS?! I don’t have time for that).

The task then becomes prioritizing my various responsibilities. Which ones need to be done, when? What’s flexible? What’s doable? What will allow me to at least appear on my A game -(while exhaustion and panic consume my mortal hands -yet, god-like fingertips)?

The answer is simple. In multitasking, it’s usually best to work from the ground up. What you began with, should precede the next thing you took on -and so on and so forth, until you are eventually forced to drop some of the lesser tasks that you’ve adopted .

(Accepting your limitations isn’t quitting, nor is it failing -by the way. It’s protecting the integrity and quality of what you produce. As you evolve – take on more. Just remember – every pro-athlete- had to first learn how to tie their shoes. Be patient with yourself) .

It may not seem like it, but multitasking is a necessary skill to master if you want any kind of success in your given medium. It’s okay to take on a little more than you can handle – just never let it break you. (“Baby steps, young Anakin”).

*realizes that Anakin is Darth Vader*

“Never mind, young Anakin – go make the prequels”. (Ha, #StarWars references.)

Well, that’s all that my fortune cookie’s got for you today. Hope you guys juggle your respective nonsense well, and enjoy the Beginning, of THE END, ( of September).

Go take Monday’s lunch money,

-Antwan Crump.

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