The Writer’s Block Podcast #13

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Welcome, again my sultry squires. It’s another week in the hole – and as always our livers await their weekend travesty, (preferably shaken, not stirred). And of course, that means that it’s also time for The Writer’s Block Podcast!!!

Join me this week, as I update you on my career, give you some solid writing (and life) advice, prey on bridesmaids, and FINALLY see some movies (including my thoughts on the odd sexuality behind Zootopia). It’s sure to be a good time.

*creepy butler voice* “Join me won’t you?” – As always, likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions are much appreciated and encouraged. (For each one you give, I will kill one of your foes). Anyway- Enjoy! See you tomorrow for the Recap.



LifeHack Article   <<<— How to Multitask (CLICK IT!!!!)

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