Recap W/E – 9/10

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Welcome back ladies and gents, (given the date, it seems a little inappropriate to insult you. #bastards). I know, I know -late again – (whatever) it’s the weekend – even god took a break every now and then. I don’t invite the comparison – I’m just sayin’.

So last week was a doozy. Perhaps, not so much in blog productivity – but otherwise I’ve been working my rear-end off. I held back on doing this yesterday, in the hopes that I would be ready to share some fun things with you guys for the weekly Recap– but sometimes you gotta take the loss and move forward. (Besides, it’ll save me the trouble of having to top myself this week). Basically, just be prepared for some VERY cool things. Until then – here are the cool things that I did last week.

1.) For those of you to drunk to check in on me last Monday – I had a special Labor Day post. To celebrate the spirit of doing nothing, I recorded a special podcast for the occasion -where I may, or may not have been inebriated, (does using the big word make being drunk more dignified? ). For the curious you can check out the link here.

2.) Hard choices anyone? Yea, me too – rather than rehash my existential meanderings – you can see the choice that presented itself to me in my post Decisions. For the epic conclusion – and resulting exhaustion you can read JupiterI’ve been told that the picture for the post is clickbait. I really don’t care, I’m just a fan of the show. The planet in the background was kind of an after thought.

3.) Apparently I returned to Earth just in time to Thrustright back into the abyss, (either that or I was just really into space last week – you be the judge). Also, yes. Click the name – you’ve used the internet before – don’t play glib. (Wow. Really, you’re gonna go with the word “glib”? Someone sat on a sphere, and is enjoying the smell of their own crap.) Okay, okay – it’s motivation to take off into your trancendent goals. (Better.) Can you guys tell that I’m tired?

4.) And, finally of course The Writer’s Block PodcastJoin me as I celebrate the beginning of the school year, (and exhile of the annoying younsters), ponder the ups and downs of the virtual realm (yes, I do bring up video games and porn), and of course – randomly complain about The Matrix, (you know that brand new movie, that came out nearly two decades ago? Yea, I’m THAT cool… #LATE!). In any case, it’s my best one to date, (not that the bar was that high). I hope that you enjoy it.

So, that was my week. How was yours? I’ll be honest, I’m a little frustrated that I couldn’t share some other stuff with you guys, but fuck it – let’s ruin the surprise. Once Youtube stops being an angry foster parent – you’ll be able to find snippets of my podcast there ,(just the best parts – for you fickle frannies).  Also, I’ve got a new article that will be published on LifeHack, they too are being quite douschey, it’ll be out sometime in the next 48 hours, (if not – I’ll have to choke somebody #peacekindof). I’ll be sure to link it for you guys to see.

Well that’s all I’ve got jamming today. I’ll see you all tomorrow for the beginning of another round. I would say enjoy your weekend, but at this point it’s a memory – so I’ll just leave you with this – STEAK AND POTATOES!!!!!! (I don’t know either).

Sleep well my pretties,

-Antwan Crump.



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