Labor Day

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Hello, and Happy Labor Day !!!! My futilely factored family, (I know. I’m not even trying). But it’s a holiday here in the states – so that means everyone’s wasted (drunk) or not and it’s just me. In either case, welcome to the fun.

For the sake of self-preservation (since I’m beginning to gain some semblance of notoriety), I’ll keep this brief (Besides, you’ve got some bad decisions to make – don’t you?). *British voice* “You’re a wizard, Harry”. ….Why??? Idk??? Wizards!!???

Now that you’ve seen my inebriated nonsense, let me hit you with some news.

1.) Lifehack – You should check it out, (I’m kind of becoming a thing).

2.) The Writer’s Block Podcast (Labor Day Special). Listen to it in you’re drunken (Or sober), twilight phase – it’s sure to entertain.

That’s it for now. I’ll be coherent tomorrow.

Love Ya’ Bastards,

– Antwan Crump.

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