Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy late posting my maniacal midweek marauders (ah the sweet release of pointless alliteration). How’s your week going so far? Good, I trust. Again – allow me to apologize for this supremely late post (although I did say “tomorrow” without specifying a time- so who’s the real victim here? Probably the Oompa Loompas- #neverforget, #GeneWilder). Wow, I’m oddly all over the place.

So anyone else here about the whole “we’ve got video of Jupiter now” thing? Freakin’ nuts! Apparently, NASA (those crafty sons of bitches), have successfully sent a probe to orbit the planet – and today that probe sent us a live video feed (and obviously photos) of the gaseous planet.

Oh! Yea! AND SOUND TOO !!! Creepy stuff, pretty cool though (#definitelyaliens). From what I can gather, the probe will be sending live video to the public -via youtube. I’m sure there are a bunch of links – but here’s the channel that I saw it on >>>>>> here<<<<<<<<. Seriously, even if space is not your thing – it is history- (and also one of the last things we’ll see before the Glip Glops of Proxima B enslave us all #GoNASA!?).

Anyway, speaking of other planets – I’ve essentially been mentally living on one. remember that whole “I’ve got a bunch of crap to do, it’s time to step it up” thing that I go on about every few weeks? Well, yea, I often forget to report the other side of that coin. A side that I will elaborate on by simply stating the following – “It is taxing as {bleep}” (I’ve hit the F-bomb limit for the day – #Winteriscoming).

In all seriousness, it’s not that I didn’t expect it- it’s just that the physical toll that it takes always surprises me. The beard, the weight fluctuation, the ruined sleep cycle, and the ever-popular (and off-putting) mood swings. Yep, by all accounts, I’m in the thick of it- ladies and gentlemen. Once again -it’s no surprise- but it’s like that scene in Harry Potter when they have to run into that wall. Whether it works or not, it’s still pretty damn strange (no matter how many times you do it).

So, as always we ask – “why is he telling us all of this?”. Well, young Watson (or for the female or otherly gendered Watsonesque. #Shakespeare), I tell you this for one simple sentence of advice – embrace the crazy.  

Sure, you’ll be isolated, and seem a tad nutty – but getting to this point is an almost essential part of the process. I forget what author said it, but the gist was that “Writing, in and of itself, is quite batty. (crazy)”. With that sentiment, it would almost be stranger if you were completely fine merging this task with your normal life – with no visible sign of deterioration (assuming you’re not some overprivileged d-bag).

I mean, I’m not saying that it can’t be done – but if you can do that seamlessly- I will either fear you immensely, or bow down to my alien overlord (because in that instance you are clearly of another realm, and deserve my praise). My point being – that it requires the totality of one’s commitment , (or E.T. glow in the dark fingers).

Okay, I’m going to call it a day before I start going into random alien theories. I hope that some of this made sense. If it didn’t, just let me have this one, (I’m so tired. And plus aliens) <—- you see? Anywho, see you guys tomorrow –

Aim between Thursday’s eyes,

-Antwan Crump.

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