Goals & Special Things


Warning: The following blog post is a two-parter – because the author doesn’t understand the point of brevity. Enjoy!

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Monday, to you all my tediously tormented tellers of tales. (It’s a mouthful, but for you alliteration junkies- I hope that you enjoyed that hit- of mastery #pretentious). So we’re into a new week and I’m glad to report, that I’m a bit more lucid than I’ve been for that last few posts. Don’t feel too bad, (it’s the kind of exhaustion that comes with vanquishing your enemies and achieving your goals). Speaking of which –


Goals, (otherwise known as the sequel to ability). Let’s begin with this – we all quantify success differently. That’s no surprise, but what we should be weary of , is not applying our own definitions of success upon others. Yes, what you want to achieve is important – but you shouldn’t allow your standards to affect how you treat others with, (perceivably ) lower ones. It should also go without saying that you shouldn’t let the ambitions of others internally eat away at you. That being said, goals are important.

Whether you’re the mailman – whose ambition is to complete his/her route in record time, a local politician with White House dreams (we could use them right about now), or just some creative – who’s trying to leave their mark on the planet. All of these, as well as the respective vessels that contain them, are equal and valid.

*Goes on rant about the valor of the individual, the importance of being yourself, and the triumph of the human spirit.* We all caught up? (Also, did any of you really need to hear that for the millionth time?).

Why did I expedite that, for one simple reason – it’s all bullshit – unless you’re acting on it; if you are currently acting on it, then my encouragement would be redundant. I’m not trying to be facetious, (as a matter of fact, any of you that genuinely need that encouragement- feel free to reach out to me). This is more a call to action for those “stop-and-go” creators. Simply because they tend to be the loudest.

Goals are serious things. Taking them lightly and screaming “Artist!”, at the top of a mountain is a slap in the face to those actually acting on their dreams. To them, (us-  I guess – even though I’m pretty sure – *Bane voice* “I was born in darkness” #TheDarkKnight), goals are tangible, they’re real. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling for your exile , rather I’m requesting your inclusion. Shit, or get off the pot – but don’t play games with my craft. Too much piss in the pool, makes people stop swimming. So do us a favor and hold it – or just get out of the pool so a swimmer can dive in.

*Steps down from soapbox.*

Alright, everyone we did it. So how about some good news?

I complained to you guys yesterday about Youtube and Lifehack essentially putting my work into creative limbo. Well LIMBO NO MORE – I can finally share my extra credit with the class! (Also, I probably could’ve held off on the complaints – it was a Sunday- no one works on Sundays except for me and the church #NoRelation.)

So, for the curious –

Special Things

You can find my LifeHack article by clicking on the word LifeHack – or for the insufferably rebellious you can also click >>>>here<<<<. This article may be of special interest to the DIY portion of you. In it you can find my 5 practical ways to grow your brand, increase your exposure, and maintain progress – while promoting your work, product, or whatever else you all are trying to get to the world. In case you don’t know, LifeHack is not my site- so the article is very direct. There’s also no cursing in it, but daddy knows you need your fix- so here you go….FUCK!!!!

Second, for the fans (or would be fans), of The Writer’s Block Podcast, as promised -I’ve finally moved some material to Youtube. Instead of posting entire episodes there, I’ve decided to take a different approach and only post the highlights of certain episodes. (videos will range between about 5 and 10 minutes – instead of the full half hour).

Hopefully, you casual listeners will check it out, and if you really enjoy it – the link to the full podcast episode is available in the information box. For those who are already fans- I suggest you check out the page too – I’ll most likely be putting out exclusive videos there. (Look at me! All multi-formatted and shit.)

However, if this all seems like a bit much to add to your busy day, I’ll always let you guys know what I’m up to here. You almost forgot I had a blog didn’t ya? (Yea, I’ve been getting pretty busy myself). Once again, you can find that >>>here<<<.

I’ve actually got a bit more news, but – I’ll save it for tomorrow- (This post is already WAY too long). Hope you all kick-off your week with a bang!

Run, Forest, run!

-Antwan Crump.

P.S. – Yes, the picture seemed fitting. 

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