Recap – (W/E 9/17)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy weekend my collage of weary writers. As is my weekend habit, let’s take a moment to Recap this week in this madman’s authorial world.

1.) We began this week with a resounding “Huh?”when I decided that you needed a double dose of Sir-Tips-A-Lot (tips as in advice -not money. Sorry, waitresses). For anyone interested in a firm talking to about their goals – check out my post Goals and Special Things,as the title suggests – there are some #SpecialThings in the second half of the post. (Don’t worry, it’s not a dick pic…….Or is it????…….No, it’s not).

2.) Are you real? I’m real. (at least I think so, *stares nervously at hands*). Ahem, anyway, if you happen to be in any sort of crisis or doubt about the legitimacy of your craft, and or your ambition to achieve your potential creative heights, may I humbly suggest Legit. (“humbly suggest?” , what am I, a friggin’ butler?).

3.) Short and sweet, NaNoWriMo...DO IT!!!!

4.) For the technologically uninspired or otherwise digitally inept (you can use that), check out Tag Or DieYou don’t really have to do the second part or the first one for that matter -(You know what? Don’t do anything, we’re all just a part of the matrix. *stares at hands again*).

5.) Podcast!!!!! LISTEN TO IT AND FLOURISH!!!!!

And finally,

6.) Have you heard???? I was under the impression that you all have heard>>*sings*Wello BIRD, BIRD, BIRD – THE BIRD IS THE WORD!!!!” (Just kidding). I’ve got a Youtube channel (for those of you too important to listen to the half-hour podcast), feel free to check it out for the highlights of my weekly jargon. (Yes, click the word. Also, #ListenandFlourish). Like, share, comment, (fondle it gently) – or don’t (*single tear drop*).

Alright folks, we’ve muscled through my week. I hope that you find use for any, if not all of my senseless meandering – or at worst, have a chuckle or two. Hope you kicked ass this week and I’ll see you dreamers on Monday for another, yada, yada, yada.

I’m gonna go get hammered and watch a pirate movie.

Hickory Dickery,(Ha! “Dickery”),

-Antwan Crump.


P.S. – Oh yeah, I almost forgot to tell you. I’m on Lifehack again. Check it out!!!!

5 Ways to Grow Your Brand

Or just click the word, (because… you know…the future.) Alright, I’m really done this time. Later.

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