Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy mid-week, (and mid-day, depending on your side of the ocean). How’s the week treating you? Did you make any friends? (Or even better -enemies?) In either case, I hope you outlive them (#TeamSelf). Now that I’ve completed my A-hole chores for the day, let’s talk about something fun yet arduous, (no not that new position your spouse wants to try). I’m talking NaNoWriMo.

First, a little background for the uninitiated. NaNoWriMo, ( National Novel Writing Month) was a fun little stunt that was originated in 1999 ( back when pants were saggy, and kids were ignored). Yep, thanks to creator Chris Baty (and his wandering imagination) – that little competition has evolved into what is now one of the most recognizable writing challenges around. It’s in November.  That’s all you get, you can Wiki the rest-

( *popular girl voice* ” I, like.. Need all of the attention”  )

*whips hair*

*disappoints parents*

Ahem, anywho – the rules. Essentially the name of the challenge (not competition, as there is no winner), are pretty basic. You have 30 days to write a completely new novel, at a minimum of 50,000 words, of any genre, language, and pretty much anything else that may secularize you, it’s my understanding that you can wear what you want while writing it as well ,(even that little lacy thong that you got last Christmas).


Sorry, moving on. For more information on it, you can check out the site here. I’m doing a terrible job at promoting it – but you should definitely check it out. Apparently, there’s tons of support, forums, functions, and all sorts of other cool social things to help get you to that word goal. Just sign up and be ready to amaze yourself, (or fail. Hey, if you want lies – turn on the news).

So why am I bringing this up so early? Well, (you intruding little orphan) because this year Antwan’s gonna’ take a swing at the Ol’ 50,000-word piñata. Yep, you read right. Not even because I have to – more so just to test the limits of my abilities (as well as write a kick-ass 30 day novel in the process). Also , it just felt polite to let you guys in on it – since the month of November will likely be dominated by my experience with the challenge.


  “Will Antwan Succeed?’

“Will a masterpiece be written?”

Does anyone get this 1940’s announcer joke that I’m doing?”

Stay tuned!

It’s a cool thing. For the writers out there in blog-world – I recommend you try it out. At the absolute worst – it will get you off your ass and onto the page. Besides, we can do it together. What could be more fun than listening to me bitch about doing something I’m not being forced to do. Nothing, that’s what! It’s the American way, (unfortunately).

Well, that’s it for my check-in of the day. I’ve actually got some deadlines to hit, so it’s a quick nap, coffee, procrastination, and by then it will probably be tomorrow. (#MyProcess). Hope you guys look into to NaNoWriMo, I don’t sell it well – but it does actually seem pretty fun.

Now go sleep with Wednesday -and never call it again,

-Antwan Crump.


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