Fruits of My Psychosis: The Origin of Luke Benson (Blog-Post)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

So, I guess now that I’ve barraged you all with the story for the last three posts, it’s a good time to explain exactly what the hell is going on.

*pulls script from underwear*

*clears throat*

*imagines you naked*

#NotNervous #JustBecause

I understand that, as my readers, you have a certain expectation (or lack thereof) and that when I do some wackadoo artsy stuff, things can seem a little confusing or off-putting (particularly this recent one)…For that, I don’t apologize (#HearMeOut).

Because of that, I feel like it’s time that I do some explaining–if for no other reason than for clarity’s sake (I owe you at least that) and (as your literary succubus) I hope that you give me the courtesy of listening (unlike the two people that have unsubscribed #GoneButNotForgotten…BUT, much like the ten newcomers to my nonsense #TwoWho?).

For the avid readers of my insanity (or some strange soul from the future who’s reading my posts chronologically for some reason), you know that I’ve recently had a stint of writer’s block, (Don’t worry, I’m fine…OR “BWAH HA HA HA!!! FEAR ME!!! I”M FINE!”#ApplyAsNeeded).

As a result of aforementioned writer’s block, I was forced to take a bit of a step back from the hustle and bustle of freelance, the deafening numbness of publishing, and the topsy-turvy world of self-publishing. I’ve rebuked them all…temporarily.

This isn’t because of any major hit or failure (quite honestly, I’m probably doing better than I should be), but rather because I was just BURNT OUT.

The wick of inspiration was ash, the flame of the muse was damp, I was up Sh!t’s Creek with single ply and a case of the runs, (too far?). So, I receded back to the seas of myself to address the issue (a few of you may have read my posts on that).

What I found was less disheartening than my initial prognosis. Whereas I thought “The well was running dry,” it was less that and more of my subconscious being tired of that particular well.

Upon my realization, I became a scavenger of my mind and a digger of my own desires. From my effort, I received–not another well–but a question. It was simple. It was succinct. Worst of all…it was an honest one.

“What do YOU want to write?”

Just like that, my issue was essentially solved. No more pandering. No more appeasement. No more of making anyone else’s stories come to fruition–at least not until I’ve got my own literary pot on the stove–cooking, bubbling, and free of others’ influence. BUT FIRST! I had to look in the well and get some water.

From that well, I came up with LUKE BENSON. P.I. (with the help of a Chuck Wendig —— challenge, of course).

From the very beginning, I pictured a hard-boiled, crime/detective, murder story that rang (almost uncannily) pure with the blood of classic noir tales (c. 1930’s and 1940’s).

Now, obviously (me being a “millennial” and all) there are some aspects that I simply can’t duplicate, replicate, or otherwise properly pay homage to (#Racism #Sexism #BlahBlahBlah), but, I’m writing this as purely as I can and I’m well aware that it may not be for everyone.

Despite that, I encourage EVERYONE to give it a try. My goal is to write something that I love, in the hopes that you (the reader) will love it to. Maybe not for the reasons that I do, but for your own.

Whether you fall in love with: the period, the language, the POV (#Giggidy)and/or hopefully the characters. My goal is not to annoy, confuse, or anger anyone, but rather to share my love of something with other people who love writing and who love good stories.

I’m passionate about it (begrudgingly) and it’s what I need to do right now. With that, PLEASE feel free to like, share, and COMMENT! (#ITGET’SLONELYWITHOUTYOU).

AND OF COURSE!!!! If you haven’t or even if you have and ran away–I urge you to give LUKE BENSON a chance to win you over.

Here they are, thus far:

Episode 1: Green

Episode 2: Thumbs

Episode 3: Pier Review

(The last one came out earlier today).

From this point to the foreseeable future, I’ll be releasing a new “Episode” of Luke Benson. P.I. sporadically.  Again, I hope that you guys all tune in and spread the word.

Also, don’t worry your little heads, I’ll still be doing Blog Posts, Advice, and everything else as well. (At this point, it’s like therapy for me).

ANDDDDDDDD………That’s all the news that’s fit to print. I’ll be back, at some point before the aliens invade, for some more of this sweet, sweet, digital jargon.

Until then,

Live like you did it on purpose.


–Antwan C.

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