Into the Woods

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Salutations and happy Tuesday to you my knowingly nihilistic Novembre’s (Novembrites?) -anyway, how the hell are you all? If the mixture has taken hold then your fingers are typing at blistering speeds (even when not adjacent a keyboard).

Well, we’re here kids. It’s November – a new month, a new day, a new shade of grey (oh GAWD! Not another one. Let me guess….this time it’s from the whip’s perspective). Okay, okay – I joke (not really), but for anyone who’s been reading me spout about for any amount of time, you know that this officially kicks off my return to authorial insanity. (Hold on a sec, I’ve got to do the thing.)

Into the Woods, (otherwise known as that movie that you say you liked -even though you’ve never actually seen it). Alright, so I kind of burned that movie – but I swear to Oprah that it’s good (in any case the title is – that’s why I poached it-) , and of course it’s fitting as well.

Any writer knows how this goes down, I even hinted at the preparation process last week with –The Cycle– , but make no mistake, the preparation is over, the cycle is finished, the laundry is wet, and needs drying (wait, what was I talking about, oh right) – so now it’s time to return to the nitty gritty  of it all and make my triumphant return to The Chair.

So the title is fitting simply because it so aptly describes what it is to enter the process of writing a book. It is undoubtedly like heading into the woods with little more than your brains, a few grains, and a NEED to survive the trial.

As writer’s we stare at the blank pages with nothing but our inspiration to guide us into the proverbial wild. It’s a daunting, admittedly frightening process. We sit in our space, we absorb the ambiance, and we create. To the outside world, we look like little more than shut-ins – but they don’t understand what it’s like to create an entire freaking REALM apart from our own; – one that will necessitate constant revising, revamping, restructuring, etc – all while doubt and failure loom over us. (Scary right! Yea, that’s why only certain people do it.)

So whatever your process may be, whatever you have to sacrifice, no matter how much it feels like it will rip you from the inside out – MAKE DAMN SURE THAT YOU FIND YOUR WAY BACK OUT OF THE WOODS! Don’t turn back, don’t regress, (don’t give up and decide that you’re Tarzan), WRITE YOUR WAY OUT. From the clothes on your back, to the shoes on your feet, to your weaponry, to your food, to the rest of your life –


And this NaNoWriMo *be the writer that you know you can be* – one that changes the world.

But of course, before any of that -you’ve got to enter.

*grabs sphere*

“See you in there!”

*runs through branches into darkness*


Happy Writing,

-Antwan Crump.



*returns for coffee-maker, runs back into woods screaming*


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