Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy hallow- to the -ween (or Monday for the non-wiccans in attendance). How is everyone? If all has gone according to the plan (that I’ve received from visitors of the future) -then it is not yet your day of reckoning and your ready for a little chit chat with Uncle “Santa hat” ( “What’s that, you say? Wrong Holiday?” *looks at you with disdain* “Well screw you, I’m keeping it on.” *stomps away*).


Blind , ( otherwise known as – the thing that made Ray Charles so damned impressive – well that and the whole heroin thing- #allegedly).

As writers, we often take some monumental risks. Whether it be in our stories, in our personal lives, or with uncertain opportunities. More often than not, when this is brought to our attention -we can do little more than either shrug with a damning aloofness or defend to the death our right to create (mostly to selectively deaf ears). The truth of the matter is- we don’t have an answer, because we’re essentially diving into the pools of creativity -blind.

Now, this isn’t to say that there is a lack of a plan, nor an unwillingness to accept a stable course of action – diving in blind is basically just another part of the job (similar to being a politician and pissing people off, or being homeless and just pissing on people )- unfortunately the lack of certainty just comes with this job.

There are ways to lessen the dimmed sight however. First and foremost – consistency (obviously, increasing your output also increases your chances to succeed) , improvement (because if your not there -chances are that you’re not ready), and good old fashion timing (which is, admittedly more luck than study). Despite all of these things however -we are still technically unable to foresee where our work will take us or how far.

This isn’t meant to discourage you though. In fact, this post may not even be solely for the sake of the creative (although let’s be honest, who other than creatives have stumbled on to this site) -but it can also be useful for friends and family who’ve chosen the blue or white collar sector (#NewSlaves) as an outlet for their energy.

Remember, their lives are based on simple “a+b=c” ; yes, it’s more stable, but a crap ton less rewarding. With that fact, who can blame them for not comprehending that a certain amount of risk is a part of, and dare I say, NECESSARY to the growth of the art and of course, you – the artist. How passionately would you attempt to transcend if all it was, was a waiting game? (Seriously, I’m asking #PassionoftheWrite).

But on to my point. Don’t fear the unknown, because if you’ve done any research on writers who’ve reached the precibus – then you know that had it been shown to them, they may not have taken the necessary steps to become who they eventually progressed to.

Don’t be afraid of the darkness, close your eyes (or even gauge them out….okay, okay, just close them) and take that leap of faith. Embrace your blindness, let your other senses take you for the rest of the ride.

Hope you got a bit of what you needed there. Happy Halloween everyone! NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!

*grins psychotically*

– it’s gonna be a blast.

Enjoy your cavities,

-Antwan Crump.

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