Recep W/E – 8/27

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Welcome back and to the weekend my feral flock of whatcha-call it’s. (It’s been a long few days. So, my name calling prowess has temporarily faded a bit – don’t judge me.) As is our tertiary tradition – let’s recap this wrecking ball of a week.

1.)  I scolded you all about consistency. Ironically enough a few days later I slept through a blog posting day (whoops!). Hey, doesn’t it make you feel better that I’m human, and not Skynet.

2.) Oh yea, I was on Lifehack!!!! Seems like forever ago. The deal with that is – I can contribute whenever they approve one of my proposed articles. I’m decently proud of the one that was published- although I will warn the heathens of this bunch – that it’s way different than what your reading here. However, if you need some inspirational advice that isn’t profanity (and typo) laced click here. I genuinely hope that you like and share it.

3.) For the few of you that checked out Pyro, I’m sorry to inform you – but it’s been shelved. I never throw out my work, but I’ve been doing this long enough to recognize a dead end. Sorry guys. Remind me later, I’ll get back to it.

4.) Kevin Smith = Awesome!

5.) I did finish one short story though …. check it out, and let me know what you think. If the link doesn’t work it’s The Secret Psalm.

6.) And lastly, but certainly not leastly, The Writer’s Block Podcast – this week I’m ranting about siblings, my fallen comrade, and some other stuff. I apologize if it’s a bit emotional. (Long week remember?).

So that will do it. Enjoy your weekend and as always – don’t die.


Tired as hell,

-Antwan Crump

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