Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Hello again and happy Tues -to the- day. If you’re Monday went as I requested -then it should currently be lying in the gutter weeping (sobbing at its’ recent defeat – BY YOUR MIGHTY HANDS!). In case you were wondering – mine was decent. Same ol’, Same ol’ – Oh except for one thing – I was published on *crowd gasps in understandable concern….and bewilderment.*

Relax, I’m not going to get all diva or anything *fixes makeup in mirror*. It’s a step forward, so I’ll keep my excitement in check *punches boss in the face*. Seriously though – any progress is a momentous occasion – so I can honestly say that on this day, I shall be grateful-

goes to random office*

*flips over tables*

I mean… as grateful as I can be (with just a tad bit of arrogance). For those of you not completely disgusted by my candor you can find the article here.

And here,

And also here.

I do genuinely hope that it’s of use to you. So, now that I’m done with the shameless self-promotion – what have you guys been up too? I’m fine #SmileyFace.

I was actually planning on posting a short story submission for @, but my article was posted early and without my knowledge, (mostly because I’m lazy and never check) – so it seemed solely fitting that I give that priority.

However, I probably will still post the story at some point before the end of the week (my competitive edge compels me), so if you see a double post – don’t get freaked out (I assure you that time-travel was not involved. Or was it? INCEPTION!). I’m actually really fond of what I’ve written so far – though it seems like a story that should be longer than 2,000 words (I’ll likely end it on a cliffhanger and just keep writing), in any case- for those of you who are fans of my stories – be on the lookout for that.

*Sidenote – Also for those of you not in “the know” – is a site predicated on the improvement and overall happiness of the general person (pssssttt…. calling all millennials), So the articles that you will find on there are (for the most part) inspirational, motivational, practical, and useful, (Yes, even mine). It really is an awesome site, so you have it on my word that you won’t be disappointed. (Either that, or you’re a Vulcan of some kind. #StarTrekRulez.)

So that’s what I’ve been up too. Once again, I ask that you guys check out my article – here. Please like it, share it, (fondle it gently), and comment – or even give me some ideas on what to write about next. In exchange I shall cherish you forever (psssstttt…. I’m gonna give out merchandise soon…..Play Along!).

That’s my message of the day, see ya’ mañana!

-Antwan Crump.

Oh… And also here…..



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