Pyro: It May be a Thing

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good – “middle of the week – day” -my frugal feral folks ,(I guess). So, I’m working on a comic book spec now. It started as a farce – but I’m actually enjoying the story (and will continue it #GunofCrow). With that being said, let me know what you think.


By: Antwan Crump

A ball fire lit up the dimmed room. Spectators representing the Department of National  Defense look on -excited, as Professor Francis debuts his flame retardant technology to the speculative investors.

” This fabric in insusceptible to any temperature.” Francis douses the fire in a cooling agent, revealing the untarnished sheet – unaffected by the blaring flame.

“From the hottest of the hot.” Francis hands the fabric to one of the generals as he walks over to a cylinder that reads Danger: Dry Ice. Removing the top -he uses his a pair of tongs to retrieve yet another piece of fabric from the container. The fabric is flexible -and unaffected. “To the coldest of the cold.

The group applauds Francis’ findings. He takes a bow and quickly logs the successful experiment. As they begin to exit the room, a man in a black suit lingers behind – curiously pondering Francis’ lab.

” Can I help you?” Francis asks incredulously.

“No, no .” The man responds, “You’ve done quite enough.”

As Francis returns to his work, the man in black belts out, ” You know, I may know a few people interested in what you’ve done here. How’s about you lend me a piece of that cloth. We’ll see if we can’t get you some real money.”

Francis pauses for a moment before answering “All of my findings are the sole property of the government and it’s subsidiaries. I’m a scientist, not some contractor for hire. Thank you, but no thanks. Now if you wouldn’t mind.”

Francis gestures for the man to leave. The man in black snickers before exiting and stating,

“They all start the same.”  

Francis pays no mind to the comment, as the door is about to close – Francis’ nephew bursts in.

“Unc, you’ve got to see this!”

“Anthony, shouldn’t you be in class?” he asks his nephew, knowing that he’s skipped his chemistry class – yet again.

“Okay, Okay – but check this out!” Anthony reveals a buzzer – strapped to his palm. Francis glances over – unimpressed.

“Alright, so you’ve found yourself a prank buzzer. Why do I care?”

“It’s not just that. Look!” Anthony clicks the button on his palm and a weak flame ascends from it. “It’s a lighter!”

“What possible use could I have for that Anthony?”

“Well, you said you were working on some super fabric. I figured it’d help somehow.” Anthony insists with a bit too much enthusiasm – as he often did.

Francis almost disappointedly answers “You know, you’re a good kid Ant. But sometimes I worry that you lack the focus to make use of that childlike imagination of yours. I’ll tell you what, and I’ve already asked your mother. You do four years in the military and I can guarantee you a job as my assistant. Then, you can do all the experimenting that you want.”

“It’s my world, Unc.” Anthony says removing the lighter from his palm.

“But it could be if you listened. Now this is a restricted area. Wait for me in the lobby, I’m wrapping up here – I’ll give you a ride home.” Francis proceeds to collect his materials.

As Anthony exits, he notices the test fabric left behind from Francis’ earlier meeting. Francis doesn’t notice Anthony sneak it into his pocket.

“And one more thing!” Francis yells.

Afraid he’s been caught Anthony guiltily back pedals.

Francis concludes “And could you please stop annoying your mother? I’m tired of having to play mediator for you two.” Anthony smiles, nods, and exits.


“So it’s like the cape from Batman?”

“What? No you asshole.” Anthony says to Drew- his close friend (and partner is mischief).

The two spend hours testing the durability of the cloth, at one point even managing to keep it aflame.

“You know what we have to do now?” Drew says insidiously. Anthony smiles while he cuts the cloth in half and begins wrapping the separate straps around each of his hands.

“Be the first man to hold fire.” Anthony binds the straps to his hands and places the lighter in the palm of his hand.

“Wait, wait, wait!’ Drew stops Anthony. “We should probably put some lighter fluid or something on it first, right? Fists of Flame?”

“Don’t think that’ll burn me?” Anthony asks.

“No dude, we’ve already done it a bunch of times. If the fabrics okay after all of that, and your hands are covered by the fabric. Your hands will be okay. Transitive property. Don’t be a puss.”

Anthony gives this little thought as pours lighter fluid over his hands. The two smile Anthony nervously whispers “transitive property”. And clicks  the lighter on.

An ambulance is called soon after.


Francis rushes to the hospital and finds his sister – weeping in the waiting room.

“Rose, what happened?”

“I’m not sure. Drew said they were messing around with something he brought home from school.” Francis is shocked but quickly puts it all together.  “Where is he?”

As he locates Anthony’s room he’s stopped by two police officers. He questions them, to no avail. As he prepares to fight his way into the room – the man in the black suit puts his hand on his shoulder and escorts him further down the hall.

“Your nephews had a nasty go of it, huh?” He pulls Anthony’s file from his briefcase. “Twenty-two, no aspirations, no goals. He’s barely got a job. And now marred for life. First degree burns don’t go away you know.” Francis balls his fist.

“Now, now – none of that.” Francis is cuffed by the officers, as the man in black antagonizes, ” You’re being arrested for crimes against the American government. It seems your little slip-up, has hit a bit too close for comfort. Let’s just hope that your nephew doesn’t die. That would be really unfortunate.” Francis screams as he is dragged out of the hospital – waking up Anthony.


Drew sits at home depressed. In an attempt to get his mind off of his injured friend, he turns on the news – to hear this report.

“New City hospital has been burned to near chards. Investigators are searching for the source. The casualties remain unknown.”

Drew is alerted by a knock on the door. Grabbing a nearby bat, he screams –

“Hello” – Drew stammers to the door.

“Hello!” – to no answer; he prepares to swing. The door-knob melts off and the door swings open. Drew jumps back and calls the police.

911, what’s your emergency?

Drew responds stuttering,”Someone just broke into my home. I think they have a weapon.”

Sir, can you exit the home?

Hearing footsteps approach, Drew locks himself in the bathroom. “I’m warning you! I’ve got a gun!”

Sir, do not threaten the criminal. We’ve sent a car to your location.

The bathroom doorknob melts, Drew panics, police sirens loudly approach. The bathroom door opens.

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