Suns of Eden

Suns of Eden

By: Antwan Crump

“So pensive. Why is that?” he says calmly reaching for the carafe to pour himself, yet another cup of herbal tea. The cooling touch of the blade against his neck reminds him of better times – a time when he was younger- when this threat would have meant nothing.

Sipping his drink, he barely acknowledges his assailant -preferring to watch the rain fall through his glass windows “If you’re going to strike, the time would be now”. His orders were rarely appreciated.

He focuses on the droplets of water as they trickle down from the petals of his zen tree. “Your last words?” his assailant requests. “In due time.” He concludes -staring blankly into the distance. A greyness fills his pupils, matching the stormy clouds outside. The blade recedes, and swings back in full force -decapitating him.

The splatter of blood hits the window, falling in unison with the rain drops on the other side. His body dissipates. The dust of his remains float outside through the crevices of the room and rise. The sword is returned to its’ rack -with blood still dripping from its’ edge.


“What happened here?” Detective Ross asks, inspecting the scene of the homicide. the officers are quiet as they search – puzzled by the lack of evidence. “A puddle of blood.”- one says to break the silence. He gestures to the katana “the murder weapon”,  Ross walks over to rack to study the sword (now covered in dry blood.) “and an obvious point of access. That’s all we’ve got. No prints. No sign of struggle. No motive. Just some cold tea.”

“That’s it?” Ross asks while intensely staring at the blade.

The officer concludes “We believe the tea may contain a light opiate.”

“Get the hell out.” The officers clear the room. Ross continues his inspection, stopping in front of the large window where the streaks of blood had settled. What the hell? he thinks – looking around, then back out the window. His attention focuses on the zen tree -which appears to have been vandalised.


A car pulls into the driveway of a sleek condominium. An attendant waits patiently at the nearby front door with a glass of champagne and a first aid kit. His face was expressionless (as was its’ duty to remain) the car door opens. Kido stumbles out of the vehicle. Slovenly making his way toward his attendant, he hums a lullaby to himself.

“Good evening Sir.” Kido sarcastically salutes him, grabs the glass of champagne, and enters the house -still humming. The attendant follows and watches, as Kido struggles to climb the steps to his bedroom.

“Will that be all Sir?”

Kido stops in the middle of the stairway and drunkenly slurs “Until the axis of time has befallen me.”

“Very good Sir.” The attendant resigns to his room. Leaving the first-aid kit by the door -for the next day’s inevitable mischief. Kido successfully makes it to his bedroom , where he falls flat on the bed, and continues humming to himself in the darkness. A shadowy figure emerges from the foot of the bed. Kido doesn’t take notice.


Detective Ross returns to his office – ruminating over the crime scene. He’s abnormally pissed off, shunning conversation as he passes his co-workers. They stare as he slams the door behind him.

A file has been placed on his desk, containing pictures, and a list of names in a language he doesn’t understand. He flips rapidly through the files. Paranoid he searches his office. The open window grabs his attention. I never leave this open he thinks.

Furious he opens his door, and screams “Do you all think this is funny?” -raising the manilla envelope and angrily shaking it along with his accusations. His co-workers shrink behind their desks -to avert eye contact. “Really? No one has the balls to own up to this?”

The chief approaches interrupting his rantings,”Ross!”.

Ross is brought to a pause. Gathering himself, he forces a calm tone, “Yes, chief” followed by a shaky exhale.

“We have some news. It’s about Kido.” Ross follows the chief to his office.


Kido awakens in a pool of his own vomit. He wipes his face and attempts to sit up -only to discover his legs have been bound together. As he panics, he hears the lullaby he had been humming come from across the room.

“Beautiful. You know mother used to love to sing that song to us.” Kido turns his head to see a man dressed in black resting comfortably in his chair. “Hattori!” he says with fear filled shrill.

“Don’t get up. There’s no need for pleasantries.” Hattori says.

Kido flips himself over, as Hattori approaches. “You think I’m afraid of you!”

Hattori laughs and moves in closer. Kido searches under his pillows, for the gun he always kept close by. “Looking for this?” Hattori removes a gun from his belt and tosses it to the side. “Do your worst demon.” Kido attempts to fight – Hattori easily subdues him- breaking both of his arms at the elbow.

Hattori removes Kido’s necklace and stares longingly at its’ talisman. “Where are the other’s?” he asks.

Kido doesn’t answer. Hattori places the talisman in his pocket and asks again. “Kido. Where are the others?” Kido’s breathing speeds as he begins to go into shock. Hattori grips his neck. “Where are the others?”

Kido spits in Hattori’s face. “I will slice you into beef!” he says -panting.

“Not likely”, Hattori concludes. He puts his hand over Kido’s mouth, pulls his switchblade from the sheath, and slits his throat. He holds his hand in place until Kido’s body falls limp, and off of the bed.

Hearing the attendant knock, Hattori flees through the window.


Detective Ross returns to his office, devastated after hearing the news. He pours himself a glass of whiskey, throws it, and drinks from the bottle. He spends the next few hours researching the language in the file he’d been given.

He traces a symbol on one of the pages back to a cult group dubbed, The Suns of Eden.

The End.

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