Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Happy belated, my range of free-forming freelancers. Okay, so I usually don’t do this, but I’m in a strange stage and Lady Vodka is calling.

So Becoming Utopia is done, finito, (third thing). Thanks to a few days of dedication (and some much needed alone time) I’ve gotten a version, that I take pride in, and have sent it off to an editor. Yay! (not the point). So I’m in this weird spot, deciding between a solid break from writing, another obsession (emulating Charlie Sheen in every way -except AIDS), or (my favorite) another novel.

For some background, I should mention that (you’ve all been wondering “Hey, douche-bucket. What’s with all the short stories?(you haven’t but whatever)) the short stories are all ideas I’ve been toying with for a second novel.

Yea I know, some are good, others ehh, #weird #TalesOnAcid. Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to three, though I’m open to conceptual criticism (please be kind, even though I’m not.) and suggestions, my new focus will be to develop one of these into a new novel. Hey, it’s either that or live in the bottle. In case you’re a normal human being, I’ll translate – This is me, reaching out to you.

So the three are:

1.) The Gun of Crow

2.) Jeremy Pocket and the See-Through Wall

3.) Pasture

I could go with any of them. However, I can not decide (They’re all my BABIES! *SophiesChoiceVoice*) So if you’ve got a sec, take a look, and help a writer out (before I’m forced to reign down upon (insert oppressed group) with GREAT VENGEANCE. Just kidding, but seriously I’d appreciate it.

Always a pleasure. Back to normal now, so #hideyokidshideyowife.

Oh yea, suggestions in the comments. Probably should have led with that.

SWEET VODKA *takes first sip*,

-Antwan Crump.

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