Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Aloha ye brethren (I believe that includes the ladies) of late.

Time, or as immortals see it – mother nature’s etch-a sketch. So picture this (for those who haven’t lived it), you’ve got the idea. The novel, short story, poem, etc of a life time. Your current Magnum Opus.

Days pass. Then weeks, months, maybe even years. You’ve been *Scotty voice* “giving her all she’s got”. It hits you. No matter how long it’s been, the pressure of completion. A few people know what you’ve been up to – the pressure mounts.

At first, it was little more than a whisper, looming over the back end of the days progress. With each day of non-completion that whisper grew a little louder, the clock ticked a bit faster, until one day it feels like it’s been too long. That whisper has aged into a scream, shouting that you’ve wasted your days toiling without result. Sound familiar?

That voice my friends is the booming thunder of time, barreling against your steady pace. We’re all guilty of allowing this pressure in at one point or another.

As artists, we tend to add this angst to our process, as sort of a subconscious insurance. It’s an alarm that reminds us our work is not yet complete -which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as we learn how to quiet the voices.

Time can be a hell of a thing to reckon with. This is true regardless of what level you currently reside at in your creative field. We must remember however, that aside from the hardcore business deadline, we can take it a little easy on ourselves.

Sure we must prioritize, its important. But we should never forget that the luxury of our self inflicted deadline, is that we can always alter it slightly without detriment to our work ethic.

I know, I know your craft is always #1 , but keep in mind that your own sanity is a very close second, so allow yourself that wiggle room.

Lest we forget that time is relative #thanksEinstein, so what may feel like an eternity to you, may be just a blip on the radar of your creative process.

Take a deep breathe and embrace the idea that you WILL FINISH. Rest easy in that fact, and the clock will cease to tick so loudly, allowing you the space you need to create on your own terms.

Remember, success starts in the mind, acknowledge it every now and again to keep you going before stress and doubt swallow you whole.

Spoiler Alert: those two things rarely shit out anything you’d be happy with.

So take your time. Make it great.

Seacrest out,

-Antwan Crump.

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