Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Good Day my chimney-sweeps of grandeur, singing lustfully in the rain. I trust your weekends were filled with things you won’t regret (and for the partyers maybe one or two you will.) *wink*

Moving forward, for those of you (both of you ) who have been keeping track of the madness that is my literary journey, you know that my novel #BecomingUtopia, is complete and currently in the grips of an editor (who frankly, they go underpaid. It’s tough enough to write your own, imagine fixing someone else’s. Sheesh. Whose goat did he f*#k?), I am grateful for the chance.

The odd thing is, today will be my first Monday in some time as a civilian. I’ve spent a good year or two racking my mind, conceiving the book, writing it, etc. I mean even when I started this blog, the first draft had been done for quite some time. So tomorrow, I actually don’t

So tomorrow, I actually don’t have to write. I mean technically – I suppose I never had to , but for the sake of the muses, let’s pretend I had no say in the matter. (I passed up way too many things, to acknowledge I could’ve said, “Meh, I’ll write later”. Plus, nothing would’ve gotten done and we’d all be strangers. So, you know- silver lining?)

I have work today, (so that will ground me). To be honest (and I’m sort of spit-balling here.) I’m likely just going to take in the day: look around for a little bit, walk my dog, smell the roses, etc. I’m sure by that point I’ll be disgusted with the world again, and just dive right back into the creative pit. Square motherf*@kin UNO!

Oh, before I forget. I did write a few new Short Stories if anyone is interested. I know some of you have seen it, but I’ve been posting pretty sporadically lately, so for those of you who haven’t check em’ out.

Uh, that’s it. I’ll keep you all posted on a release date for Becoming Utopia, and as always I’ll be here tomorrow with more literary buffoonery.

Go kick Monday in the teeth!

-Antwan Crump.

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