The World Has Gotten Odd. Why Must I?

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

I tried to write today, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Okay, that’s kind of a lie. I got about 2k words done, but for me (the fantasy-driven sociopath that I am), that’s kind of disappointing, missing the mark, {Insert Third Thing Here}. I’ve committed my life to this full time, so anything less than around 5k is off the target, to say the least.

It’s been a while since I’ve had such barren creative days (probably somewhere around a week now since it’s started). Me, being my biggest critic along with my own most dedicated inquisitor–I decided to delve a bit into the reasons why.

No, I’m not gonna “#MeToo“. No, I’m not going to give you some rotten spiel about how the “THE WORLD IS OVER” because the Republicans are terror-centered, lizard people, bent on class domination. No, I’m not gonna shed a tear for Keaton or join in the impending exposure of #KeatonGate. No, I’m not going to tell you what to do.

What I will say, is this–the world has gotten odd.

I’d gotten into the habit of keeping my phone off (and myself away from as much media as possible). It may seem laughable, but it helps me to focus. It’s one thing to garner inspiration from the ongoings of the world at large, it’s another thing entirely to become consumed by it and caught up in the rippling tides of its underlying discontent.

Surprisingly enough, it isn’t the content that’s the problem. We’d be crazy not to pay attention to the bad things that we can have a hand in actively changing, but it’s the way that these things are presented, and seized upon by those: seeking views, comment-worthy stances, or just outright publicity–merited or otherwise.

We’ve all been so thoroughly exposed to this ATTACK culture and this GOTCHA’ narrative, that we’ve forgotten that the foot caught in the metaphorical bear trap…is our own.

That woman you call a liar, that man that you accuse, that child that you’ve mocked, etc, etc–they’re human too. They feel things too. They’re affected too. I don’t much care what spiritual belief that you carry (or don’t), but you’d be lying to yourself if you rebuffed the idea that we’re all connected. Even speaking practically, we are all one–via technology (which will inevitably take over) but, I digress.

My point is that with all of this human-born chicanery nowadays we’ve lost the sense of caring for one another. We’ve tainted that bond that we have with each other and tangentially we’ve harmed ourselves. We continue to harm ourselves by creating and participating in this influx of hate and loathing that is now so prominent that it’s undercut our very society. It’s taken over our empathy. It’s broken us. WE’RE BROKEN.

This isn’t to say that this is all brand new. Hell, this is likely something that’s preceded even me, or you, or anyone that’s even alive right now. But, ignorance isn’t an excuse. Ignorance is ignorance–plain and simple. If you choose to remain unwilling to assess yourself and the world around you honestly, by all means, stay blind–just know that you’re doing so willingly. Embrace THAT feeling–if no other.

However, if you, like me can’t bring yourself to the torture chambers of self-mutilation (via eye-gauging), I invite you to care…even if only a little more. Stay away from the hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism, (genderism?) ALL OF THE ISMS’.

Stop assuming before inspection, and for THE LOVE OF GOD remember that, that person you hate so much, also runs at a temperature of around 98 degrees Fahrenheit. (37 Celsius for my foreign friends). Have your disputes, but do so, kindly and with a hint of compassion–if not for them, then for your F*CKING SELF.

Be a part of the sunshine and not the storm. Be the person that rises above. Be the person that you tell yourself there are not enough of. Be a human being, (to the best of your ability, anyway).

I realize that I’m kind of just screaming into a void here. I realize that you may consider this a “b!tchy, whiny, liberal, hippie rant”. But, I hope you understand that I had to put this somewhere. That I had to voice this pain that we all feel. I had to stand the F*CK UP and stand for us. #TeamPeople.

We’ll never agree on everything. BUT, I believe that we can all somewhat agree that we can do better.

Say it with me, now: “I CAN DO BETTER!”


The world has gotten odd. We DON’T all have to follow it into the abyss.



-Antwan Crump.


*steps off soapbox*

*disappears into crowd*

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