The Writer’s Block Podcast #25 (Ala-BLAM-Ya!)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and Happy Thursday my wordsmiths of Westeros (imagine if that was thing!? #GameOfThrones). How the hell are ya? If all has gone as the Mayans have predicted, then the skies still drip of wonder ( /accumulated space garbage)– and you’re in need a little break from staring straight up.

Well, NEVER FEAR (the lazy superhero is here?) because, as promised, I’ve got yet another awesomely random podcast for your listening ears, (#WeekofPodcasts!)

Join me, (and a special guest) as we chat it up, chop it up, (fondle gently?), all things ALABAMA. As always, it’s a hell of a time, and NSFW (although, admittedly it’s probably not safe for anything).


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