The Writer’s Block Podcast #26 (Teen Angst)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy, (I’m honestly not sure what day that you’ll be reading this. I’m at that weird time of the day where people have either: A) Drunken themselves to sleep, or B) [Are] drinking themselves to sleep), Day.

No matter whom, or where you are, (#TheRealQuestionIsWhy #TheMatrix #Inception), it’s a random time of the day, which means that we’re all geared up for another round of {Insert My Impulse Here}.

Now, for those of you that hung around last week, you know that I promised you a week of podcasts. Many apologies to the two of you who’ve waited expectedly, (my guest was being all #Emo), but NEVER FEAR, I drug him out of his nonsense and recorded our interaction for your enjoyment, (much to his chagrin and Bill Cosby’s misinterpretation #Puddin’Burn).

Join us, as we embody the true meaning of Teen Angst, and I try to figure out, why I’m so old in comparison. As always, it’s a hell of a time and definitely NSFW, (don’t say I didn’t warn you).


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