The Writer’s Block Podcast #24 (Real Places)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and Happy Hump day my voluptuous vignettes of vision. How the hell are ya?! Should everything be going according to plan, then the sky has not yet fallen, (but you still stare blankly into its endless abyss #ApocaWHAT!!!). 

In any case, you’re here once again, which means that you’ve hit your inevitable mid-week (or {Insert When You’re Reading Here}) and you’re in need of a distraction from your looming mundane day (mundanities?). Well never fear my friends, because your favorite sociopath has delivered again, (but don’t get too used to it #NoExpectations).

Join me (and of course another special guest) for yet another installment in my–

*announcer voice*

“Week of Podcasts!!!”

–as I (and aforementioned guest) tackle hard-hitting topics such as: Fashion, Locations, Real and Fake States (spoiler alert, Alabama’s not a real place), and a bunch of other fun nonsense.

You know me, It’s a hell of a time and of course NSFW.


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