The Writer’s Block Podcast #23 (Jimmy Dean’s Chi-Town Pie)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and Happy Tuesday, my beholden bereavers of books (I kind of gave up on the last alliterative word there. I REFUSE TO RESORT TO SIRI!!! #Skynet). How the hell are ya’!?

Yes, my friends. I’m still busy, but as recompense for my infrequency (and… ya’ know because #I’mLazy) I’m back at it again with yet another podcast for your world weary ears.

Join me today, as I (and a special guest who shall be named if you listen) rattle on about menage a trois, dirty maids, the apocalypse, (and of course Donald Trump sneaks briefly into the conversation), and as always, etc… etc.

You know me…. So you know, that it’s a hell of a time. And of course, it’s NSFW (but you knew that).


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