Get Out

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy Tuesday my whimsical writers of the west coast, (yes, if you think about it EVERYBODY is to the west #WalkFarEnough #WetShoes) – how the hell are ya’? Should the genie have finally arisen from the magic lamp – then you have three wishes- AND THEY SHOULD ALL BE FOR MORE WISHES (#TheWolfOfWishStreet).

Seeing as it’s obvious that I’ve had way too much coffee already this morning, how’s about we just jump right into it?

Get Out, (otherwise known as – another great movie that the Oscar’s will snub … for some unknown reason #AtLeastMoonlightWon #Kinda).


[Edit: I apologize in advance but I really can’t help myself with this one. I HAD SO MANY OTHER SARCASTIC REMARKS ABOUT THE MOVIE. Please indulge me for a second.

Get Out – otherwise known as:

  • a nightmare that white people think minorities have. (AND WE DO!!!)
  • a movie that was meant to be uplifting – but was still kind of offensive.
  • ROOTS 2!: “This time…..IT’S PSYCHOLOGICAL!
  • “Mandingo and Me”
  • a movie that STRIVES TO FIGHT STEREOTYPES……by creating new ones.
  • Jordan Peele’s love letter to cynicism.

Okay, I’m done – back to the post. Thanks, guys.]


Seriously though, it was a good movie.


So I’ve been a little busy lately (#NotToBrag) – in all honesty, though I may seem to complain about it a lot – it actually is a pretty rewarding part of the job. We go through so many periods of downtime and non-action that it can be rather refreshing to have some consistent and relevant things to get to work on.

With that being said, I’d also like to add that I take pride in the fact that I never really allowed myself a “rest period”. Sure, every now and then I’ll take a necessitated day off, (#ItKeepsMeSane) – but for the most part even then, I’m still jotting things down and planning what to do next upon my return.

Sounds good and all, right? (#rhetorical).

Eh, kinda. It’s a little here and there.

The Problem

I tend to obsess over anything that I have an emotional tie to. Being a writer, this means that any and everything that I can get my shaky little fingers on -during a given day – becomes essentially all-encompassing.

Yes, it’s good for productivity – but the downside is always the same, unavoidable, and before you even guess it – it’s obvious.

I’ve “Golem-ed” Myself

Yep. It’s a sucky thing to put yourself through. To make matters worse – I never seem to catch it until days after it’s apex, (and I always have to buy new plants).

As yet another downside to this; I’ve also been pretty much a homebody for the past few weeks. Once again, good for productivity – horrible for social life and mental health – but who need’s that?

*crushes spider on wall*

*stomach growls*

*thinks about it*

*remembers he has cheerios*

*saves spider for later* 

Yea, I may need some restructuring here….

Getting Out

Against the desires of my inner obsessive, I’ve decided to put myself back on a schedule. For those of you who’ve been following me for a while now – you’ve probably noticed that I pretty much cycle in and out of these specified times of work and play, (usually on days like today where , “I know what natural light looks like, but I’m not quite sure”).

Maybe it’s just me, but life seems to like to grab you by the ears and drag you around sometimes, (especially when you’re somewhat off balance), on days like that it’s good to reassess what you’re doing and ensure that you are doing it both: to the best of your ability and in a healthy way, (Staring at a computer screen for days, drinking #RedBulls, and making fun of movies- would be considered quite the opposite).


So today, I’ll swallow what remains of my authorial sense of pride, (/anguish) and take my version of a spa day. If you find yourself in a similar situation – I’d recommend the same for you too.

*Your art will be there when you come back, but you may lose yourself if you never leave.*

There are tons of ways to do this right. It all starts with that simple balance.

Alright, boys and girls, that’s all the screaming from the rooftops that I’ve got for today, (#SomeoneCalledTheCops #LosFedarales?). I’ll be back tomorrow with more jibber from my jabber.

Conquer Your Tuesday,

-Antwan Crump.

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