Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday my tireless triage of typers – how are ya? Should your {Insert Elected OverLord Here} be distracted for yet another day, then the apocalypse has been postponed, and the downfall of man is still a semi-Mayan prediction (#TheyRolledHeads #SoWeDon’tHaveToo).

In any case, it’s good to have you back for another week of tedious ramble – from your favorite (drunkard?), guy with a keyboard.

But first,

Vertigo, (otherwise known as – a working title for the autobiographical film about the current state of Johnny Depp’s career. #StopItJohnny #WeWantJack!).

So, it’s safe to say that I may have hit a sort of slump. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. More so – just the post-high feeling that you get when something stops being thrilling and becomes work. It doesn’t usually mean a lack of desire or interest -it’s just slowly becoming monotonous. Whenever you catch wind of this, it’s important to jump on a solution. It could be a high-road to a quick end, if not dealt with swiftly.

In order to combat this growing middling feeling, I’ve been taking on a few side projects. Not to sound bourgeoisie or anything like that – but when I get to the authorial brink- where it feels like I’m punching in to go to work, I start to worry – so I take a step back from anything major and regroup to recoup my drive. (#DidYouJustRhyme? #Dr.SeussImpersonator).

I don’t ever like to stop writing. Because of that, I always make sure to have some sort of backup plan in case I start to stagnate on my bigger projects. For me, this break usually comes in the form of various freelance work. I find that writing something fresh, new, and directed – tends to help give my mind a much-needed break.

Phases like this are common when you start to burn the candle at both ends. Especially if you’re like me, and build your day around -wall to wall deadlines, submissions, and edits.

In retrospect, I should have known that the burnout was coming, (but I’m hard-headed); I can usually push through it after a few days of meddling around in other literary pursuits. (As a bonus, it angers the purists when you don’t stick to your medium. #ILikeToStartFires #ThenWalkAway.)

Hey, I said I’m burnt out, I didn’t say it wasn’t still fun to annoy people, (#Crump2020).

So here we are folks, the middle of the action packed movie, where there are no explosions, (and Vin Diesel’s crying for some reason). Days like this can be character building, if you utilize the time to continue growing your foundations, and refuse to compromise your standards.

*We must walk the plain, to get to the hills.*

Alright folks, I’ve got to go peek creepily over the fence at my neighbors, (#BusyDay). I’ll see you all tomorrow for more oddly parallel paragraphs.

Kick-Off the Week Strong,

-Antwan Crump.


P.S. MY BOOK!!!! Tourmaline: (A Collection of Things) is on sale now!!!!

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