Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy Tuesday my prodigiously written warriors of the night. How are you? Should your current state of affairs be in order, then prepare to venture on your road to vengeful satisfaction, (#KissYourWarBride #TipYourWaitress).

*searches for Spartan costume*

“Tonight WE DINE IN HELL!?”

*gives up search*

*returns to desk*

Or, not, (did anyone really feel like cosplaying?). Well, failing any attack from the Persian army, (and a really tall bald guy with Mr. T’s jewelry) – I’m glad to have you back for another metaphorical roundtable of literary worship (#PopeHat).


Continuum, (otherwise known as, a form of consistent slapping that you wish would stop. #Trump #Life #SelfHate #BestHate).

So it’s safe to say that after a bit of a shaky weekend, I’m back to business as usual. For those of you who’ve missed yesterday’s post, (#FairWeatherFollowers), over the past weekend, I’ve released a collection of works known as Tourmaline, (#ClickTheLinkDorothy #ShamelessSelfPromo).

Nerves and all, I’m pretty proud of it, and I think you’ll enjoy it too, (okay, they get it. MOVE ON!). But, this release has got me thinking about the future a bit. “What next?”, “What Now?”, (“What the hell is that smell?”), etc.

Because I’m a slave to the cause, (as well as a person with an abundance of free time #NoKids #Single #SoAlone #SoVeryAlone), I’ve indulged in this thought a bit -between various extremes of anxiety. That’s when I got to thinking, that it should be pretty obvious what comes next. Another one.

While I await the release of Becoming Utopia, (which is no longer mine to control #Sorry), I’ve got some months to contemplate a strategy, and or attempt to expand my following – outside of you lovely people.

BUT, I also don’t want to be put in a position where I’m eventually competing with myself, (and a company with vastly more resources), so another novel -though in the works- will have to be shelved -once completed.


WHAT I CAN DO, is continue to release a stream of anthologies and the like in the meantime. Not only will this help to increase my visibility, (and also provide some validity to the whole “No, I swear I’m a writer!” thing) – it will quell the veritable itch that I feel to create without being committed to one single project. (We’ve all been there).

So, what we’ll be looking toward, is the continuum of my anthological series of works, (tentatively titled – Another Collection of Things#Really?! #Ain’tBrokeDon’tFixIt).

However, in the meantime, please check out –Tourmaline: (A Collection of Things)– which is currently available on Kindle. (#MeLoveYouLongTime).

It seems I have no bold motivational statements for this one. Hmmm. Wait! I’ve got it!

*rubs crystal ball*

*kisses rabbit’s foot*

*head butt’s leprechaun*

Let’s hear from the ghost of,  J.R.R. Tolkien

“Little by little, one travels far.”


Alright folks, that’s about all the crumbs in the cookie jar for today. I’ll see you all tomorrow for continued abuse of the written word.

Drop-Kick Your Tuesday,

-Antwan Crump.

Tourmaline: (A Collection of Things) – is currently available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

Click here to purchase.

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