Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday my literary warriors of the page. How are you, (and how was your Easter? #ForTheNon-Zealots)? Should the “magical” eggs have been found, then your younger family members -now know the truth, have covered you in the yolk, are currently interrogating a bunny-rabbit, (#LongWinded #WorthIt).

Failing any other egg-shell based rabbit torture, I’m glad to have you back for something less worrisome (and hilarious). But first,

Building, (otherwise known as – a voluntary people prison. #SadButTrue #SaferShowers).

As some of you may know, this weekend brought us the release of my highly anticipated, (though not at all promoted), collection of works-  known simply as Tourmaline. (You can click the link to check it out. #PleaseDo, #LeaveReview #I’llLoveYouForeverAndPetYourDog.)

This begins, what I hope to be a long and prosperous, (blah, blah, blah). Obviously, after publishing it, I went through the initial creative strife.


“Oh God! What if they hate me?”

*drinks vodka*

“Oh God! MY ART?”

*finishes vodka*

“F**K IT!!!!”

*vomits on floor*

*wakes up to an actual problem*

Save it to say, I was a little anxious. However, after some positive feedback, I calmed down. Back to my normal pestering self, I proceeded to judge people in Youtube videos, while contemplating my next project. The epiphany therein being,

*It isn’t JUST about this ONE THING.*

Despite how close I am to this work, the fact remains that it isn’t the “end-all, be-all”, of my writing career. It’s only the beginning, (a beginning of sorts, anyway). If I’m lucky, I have some time left in my life, and as long as I’m alive, I’m going to be writing. I’m going to be creating.

*So, why worry about the last, when I should be concerned with the next?*

*This is what we do. As creatives, we create, we release, and we create again. We build -so that we can keep on building.*

At least that’s my goal for this crazy thing we call authorship. So, if you’re worried about a project, or your suffering from some last minute jitters, don’t. The truth of the matter is, that you’ve got a hell of a lot more work to do, and plenty of obstacles standing in the way of that. It behooves you not to be one them yourself.

Build and keep building. That’s the brunt of it. (I mean, unless you’re one of those “one and done” people #R.I.P.HarperLee – then I guess you can just adapt the living crap out of your one thing until the end of time. Still, though, it would have to be good enough, and take a sh!t load of work.)

Alright kido, I’ve got to get out of here and do some much-needed self-promotion. I’ll be back tomorrow for some more font that wishes it was Times New Roman.

Crush Your Monday,

-Antwan Crump.

Tourmaline: (A Collection of Things) – is currently available exclusively through Kindle. Click here to purchase your copy.



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