Tourmaline: (A Collection of Things) – On Sale Now!!!

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Saturday my voracious readers of the night. How the hell are ya?! Should your paycheck have been deposited as planned, than CONGRATULATIONS! Approximately $30 of it will be donated to #TheFateofTheFurious, (or your local government. Either way #VinDieselGetsAPiece).

Now, the question becomes, “What to do with the remainder of your meaningless currency?” –

I’ve got a thought!!! How’s about supporting your favorite neighborhood Sociopath?:


That’s right folks. Ol’ Sir- Tips-A-Lot has got himself a book!!!!!!

Want a Free Copy?, (Of course you do). Click Here->>>> TOURMALINE GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Want to Buy some good Karma?

*hynotizes you*

“Of Course, YOU DO!”

Click Here ->>>> Buy TOURMALINE (+ Good Karma)

No matter how you get it, I hope that you all enjoy the read. It’s been a labor of love, and I’m EXCITED AS HELL TO SHARE IT WITH YOU, (can’t you tell by the UPPERCASE-TYPE ?!!!).

And, that’s my news of the day. Please GIVE IT A LOOK. And a review would be pretty awesome too.

I’ll see you all on Monday for, (five squirrels in a trench coat running a brewery?), business as usual.

“Ta Ta.”,

*throws smokebomb*

*reminds you to buy his book*

*passes out on floor*


-Antwan Crump.




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