The Approach

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Hump-Day my feral flock of fictioneers, (fictitious pioneers?). How goes the week? Should you’ve been watching the reports, (or lack thereof) – then you’re likely downtrodden and in need of one of my -uncomfortably casual-, daily writer, “pick-me-ups”, (that sounds like a passive drug deal at PeeWee’s Playhouse. #ProbablyPsychadelics #ExplainsAlot).

With that said,

The Approach, (otherwise known as – an imperative part of being a salesman, (and/or Bill Cosby #ShrewdNegotiator #Puddin’Pops)).

So, I’ve been chatting it up with a few writers, (as we drank ounce upon ounce of liquid fire), primarily about the craft, the direction of the medium, and -of course- of the individual truths that we all discover, (upon repeated bangings of our heads against a keyboard). It was a rather peaceful discussion until the topic of how to approach the work reared its’ duplicitous head.

We’re all familiar with the classic approaches -i.e: Where to write. How to Write. When to Write. Outline vs. FreeForm. Structure vs. Instinct. (Boxers vs. G-Strings.) – and on and on we went- until the bartender inevitably cut us off, (and we were forced to sell short stories on the street for our next buzz).

The point is, that we couldn’t come to a unified agreement of what the best method of writing is, (and/or) what method produces the best work.

However, because this is essentially my personal portal of mindless rambling – I’ll continue and end the argument here, (while they sleep, clueless of my impending victory #BWAHHAHA).

Now, personally, my approach to the craft varies depending on what I’m writing. If it’s a complex project- like say a novel, (*wink wink*), I tend to force myself into a schedule. I’m one of those writer’s that can’t seem to write focused unless I’m surrounded by a certain degree of structure, (horrible for your social life, but effective).

If I’m writing something on a whim – usually a short story, flash fiction, or an inspired tidbit- I tend to be a little more loosey-goosey. My habits will pretty much shift back and forth between binge writing and sporadic additions. Generally, those projects take far less time, then the more plotted ones.

And, of course, there are blog posts. Which, depending on what’s on my mind, will bounce between an inspired writing, and a long-thought-out piece. For the most part, that way of doing things seems to work, (besides, those of you crazy enough to follow me, don’t seem to mind so much – so I’ll take that as doing something write. #DoYouSeeWhatIDidThere?).

That’s just me. Time of day isn’t as much a strain, as forming the idea and having a place to develop that idea, into whatever it becomes.

Long story short,

*There is no right or wrong way, except for the ways that work or don’t work for you.*

So, if you’re happy with the speed, quality, and consistency of which your work is getting done – GREAT! If you’re not, then maybe it’s time to toy around with some other approaches, until you find one that you are comfortable with.

*The beauty of what we do, is that we have an infinite amount of chances to get it right.*

So, find your approach, and get writing.

Alright, boys and girls, that’s all the news I’ve borrowed from Pandora’s box today. I’ll be back tomorrow with a golden chalice, (and possibly more words on a screen).

Go Forth and Create!,

-Antwan Crump.

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