The Desk

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Tuesday, my flamboyant fiddlers of fiction. How goes it? Should the clock have stricken on a familiar hour -then LOOK OUT! You may be stuck in an infinite time loop, (worse yet – you’d be stuck there, WITH ME!).

*finishes last of food rations*

*stares longingly at your plump writer body*

*sharpens stick*

*starts fire*

Failing any other long winded jokes about cannibalism, it’s merely another day for us to enjoy each other’s company, bond, and share some writerly insight.

*continues to sharpen writer kabob*

Any who,

The Desk, (also known as -synonymous with the title of president. In that it gives the appearance of authority; without actually having any. #ColdBlooded #FinishHim #YaBurnt).

Well , my dear constant, (constipated?), readers – I’ve been hard at work with, my list of do-what’s -it’s and what-have-you’s, pounding away at the keyboard like a certifiable madman, (as I ignore the current bangings of law enforcement on my front door #51/50). I’ve no real jargon to complain about, as a matter of fact, (not to brag), things have actually been going pretty swimmingly, (okay, a little to brag) – and that is just dandy.

Though I can sit here and give thanks and praise to a myriad of outlier factors, truth be told, none of it would be possible, without the universal connector between my works and current momentum. That factor my friends (#SpoilerAlert), is my desk.

I know, it seems trivial and pointless, (and in the grand scheme of things likely is), but to me, it’s more than just a desk, (No, I’m not making love to my furniture). For me, it is the veritable transporter into the deepest parts of my imagination and creativity.

No matter, what the story, the character, the absurdity, (Shia Lebeouf? #HeWillNotDivideUs), or whatever other seemingly difficult obstacle that may attempt to block my creative chi, my desk provides me with a solution, in the form of acting as a window through which I can spectate.

Sometimes, I’ll just be sitting here, staring at a blank screen, or even just a dark one, (because I’ve lost my charger), and think about the story. What I often do, is pretend that my desk is the hovercraft, (the wall, I guess would be the subsequent window, but whatever –#FixYourOwnMetaphor), and I just watch the story unfold.

I may sit for an hour or so at a time. I’ll think of what I’ve written, what I plan to write, and just watch as the story gently skips along from point A, to point B. More often than not, the things that I’ve imagined, end up being an integral part of the tale.

Sure, it may just be a glorified form of daydreaming, (it is), but to be honest, you’d be surprised how effective it could be – especially when you’re stuck in a plot-hole, or starting from a completely blank slate. In any case, it felt like a nice little tidbit to share with you all.

*Wandering thoughts, can often be the most potent.*

So, take a moment today, to sit in your writing space, and daydream. You may find everything, you may find nothing, but you won’t know for sure until you look.

Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got to jump back in my DeLorean and stop Michael J. Fox from sleeping with his mom. I’ll be back tomorrow for something Wednesday-ish.


-Antwan Crump.


(Photo Courtesy of Steven Fielding)


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