Lights, Camera, Action!

(Ha! #SquirrelCam)

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Tuesday my camera-shy creatives of the moonlight. How goes it? Should the recorders be nestled gently in the walls of your most sacred place – then CONGRATULATIONS- you and your grease stained bunny pajamas will soon be YOUTUBE sensations, (for all the wrong reasons).

Failing any actual follow-through on my daily threats to expose your odd behavior, (don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about) – then chances are that your just here to chat, and that’s fine too, (BUT THE DAY WILL COME! #NoItWon’t #ButItMight #NopeTooLazy).


Lights, Camera, Action, (otherwise known as- a colloquially accepted, incomplete sentence. #ButWhoAmIToJudge?).

Based on the title a few of you may already have jumped ahead and made assumptions on what this post is probably about (#TiskTisk). That’s right kiddies, you guessed it, (porn?). Today I want to talk you about the subtle stage fright that many of us, (or just me), do, or will, inevitably have to face, lest we become stilted in our journey to-


-or just successfully learn to be in the public eye (#SetYourOwnGoal #IWantAPursePoodle).

As creatives, (at least -in some cases- that I’ve been frequently hearing about), we tend to have a bit of a repulsion with being on display. For one reason or another, the thought of public rejection and/or ridicule can create an absolutely paralyzing effect on the creative host. Unfortunately for the corner dwellers, with dreams of grandeur, this fear must be overcome, if we are to meet our full potential as artists.

This isn’t to say that you have to run through the streets of, {Insert The Most Proper Part of Your Town Here}, with your pants around your ankles, and a lightbulb up your rectal cavity, (I could have gone so much worse with that)- but you should work on attaining some level of comfort with being the object of attention.

-*Disclaimer: Though I seem very wise and trustworthy; I am not a doctor, (even though I own the jacket and perform random check-ups). The advice given previous to, and following this message is strictly suggestive, (and quite impressively uninformed). If you suffer from any sort of medical condition- stop reading about it on a blog and go see a doctor -you dummy.*

Now, there are several ways to get over this fear, and a plethora of reasons that it’s an important thing to work on – the main reason obviously being that-

*You can’t share what you have if you’re afraid to share it.*

Pretty simple, I know. But the veritable nature of the unwilling creative, is frustrating enough, that I felt the need to state it in bold. (#BearWithMe #BareWithMe? #LearningYouSomething).

Anywho – here are some links, for the artist seeking help to rid themselves of, stage fright, social (or regular) anxiety, and reading this particular blog post.


Overcoming-Stage Fright

Public Speaking

I’m sure there are more, but you should be able to start digging your rabbit hole with one of those sources, (from far more reputable places).

Being in the public eye is, unfortunately, a part of the job. From readings to speeches, pitches to (barfights?), etc. However fortunately for us, enough people have failed at it, that we now have some solutions, (for the most part. #ReadMyDisclaimer).

*Conquer yourself, then the world.*

That’s all folks. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you tomorrow – for some more spacebar oriented fun.

Beat Your Tuesday to A Pulp,

-Antwan Crump.

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