PenMonkey Panic

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday – my proactively paralytic publisher’s to be- how was your weekend? Should the probe have finally returned from Uranus, then-

(oh GAWD!!!!- please don’t finish that one),

*laughs uncontrollably to self*

*mourns loss of maturity*

-Well, failing any major rectal leakage – I’m glad to have you here for another post of artistically driven jibber-jabber, (cloaked amongst weird butt jokes).

Let’s begin,

PenMonkey Panic, (otherwise known as, slang I’ve commandeered from @ChuckWendig , thrown in a blender with a word containing –5/26- of the most popular letters #LongWinded #SissyLungs #WriteLivesMatter).

I’ll start this by getting one point out of the way, (#ForTheSticklers). We’re all creatives, in/of various fields, mediums, (sexy times?), and ways. Despite the common umbrella that we fall under- we are all unique and individual- both in, who we are and what we do.

*looks over laptop screen to make sure the whiners are content*

*receives middle finger of approval*


Even with all of our uniqueness, there are some irrefutable similarities that bind us. One of the most common – is panic {Insert Creepy Ghost Noise Here}.

We’ve all been there. At the crossroads of a major risk; trying to decide if the lives we’ve tolerated are worth sacrificing, while in pursuit of the lives that we truly desire. That overwhelming feeling of helplessness that begins to devour the tip of your spine, forcing your innards to sink ever deeper into your-

“Okay, we get it! GEEZ! You’re gonna give them an anxiety attack.”

OOHH…. Sorry, everyone. I was just kidding. Ha ha. Remember anal probe? (Don’t look at me buddy, you’re on your own on this one ) #AnalProbe?

Anyway, my point is that- we’re all faced with these kinds of choices. No matter how far you may, (or may not), be in your artistic career- the uncertainty never truly goes away- and why should it?

If you’ve given a project EVERYTHING you’ve got, it deserves nothing less than a visceral internal reaction from its’ creator, (So, yea. You’re basically Dr. Frankerstein – #Doctor’sName #NamelessMonster #Truth).

The question then becomes, what to do when that panic sets in while you’re still creating. What do we do, when the weight seems too much to bear at certain moments? The answer is simple-

Dive Deeper.

*As creatives, we’ve been given the gift to unlock pathways to other worlds, dimensions, truths, and falsehoods. Our minds delve into the realms of the edge of sanity, while we remain so mentally dexterous that we’re capable of bringing back a message from the dive.* 

Stop panicking, about the future, the past, or anything that is simply out of your control.

Instead, learn to take that,(^) passion you have -that causes the panic- and turn it into fuel to help you do more, attempt better, and see clearer.

Use the fear to strengthen your vessel.

Fear is a result of the absence of control and certainty. When we allow ourselves to fall into pits of panic- not only are we allowing –what is NOT known– to hinder our creative process, but it also chips away at our creative confidence.

Instead, if we choose, in those moments to envelop ourselves, in that which is the source of fear, (#OurHopes #OurDreams #OurWork)- we take away it’s power, along with making our own strength and level of control, abundantly evident.

*Fear is a demon, that feeds on itself. Don’t let it feed on your craft.*

So perk up, and get busy!

Alright gang, that’s all the “flim-flam”, I’ve got in my kazoo for today. I’ll see you tomorrow for a post with squirrels in it, (#FlyingOnes!).

Eat This Monday Alive,

-Antwan Crump.

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