300 Wolves

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and Happy Friday my carnivorous carriers of the creative virus. How goes it? Should the waters have been thoroughly dosed with LSD – then the universe’s love should be gently embracing your inner zen spirit. Trippy right, (Not really).

Well failing that, (and assuming that the mad scientist has confused LSD, with breath mints, (because he took the aforementioned LSD))- how’s about we all have a sip of minty water and jabber on about writerly things?

300 Wolves, (otherwise known as – a version of that spartan movie – that includes a scene where they harass Three Little Pigs).

So, here we are folks. Just about a year into my consistent blogging, (or at least that’s what the receipt for the domain name says) – and I’ve got to say that it feels rather good.

As the title would suggest- this is my 300th post, (I took a collective 65-day hiatus), which means that I have officially been doing this long enough to protest minor alterations on the WordPress site, (I’ll save those complaints for a later date. But, #HadToMentionIt).

What I’d like to do, (instead of postulating for hundreds of words about the tenacity of the human spirit)- is share some thoughts.

No matter what you’ve done with your writing thus far, it should be agreed upon, (in your respective seance circle)- that our efforts can always be doubled-down, reshaped, (tied up and forced to watch 50 Shades Darker?), or otherwise altered to suit your own subsequent needs.

If you want a career – Write.

If you want more followers- Write.

Expression, inspiration, creative outlet, improvement, engagement, friends, family, pudding, puppies, mounds of oreo spaghetti -(okay, this is getting out of hand).

My point is, that if you’re a writer, looking to make it your life- then the answer will always be WRITE!

Write fearlessly and without remorse. Write to laugh. Write to cry. Write to share those deeply founded moments that you can’t let go of. Don’t indulge in the wayward pessimism of those who, don’t, can’t, or should be water-boarded with boiling ink. None of those things should concern you.

Your duty is to WRITE. That’s the answer for you. it always was, and it always will be.

And that brings me to Wolves. Well, wolves are just cool.

(How about some context buddy?).

If you’re writing true to yourself, you mustn’t feel the need to defend every vowel and consonant, (spoiler alert, they’re two different things). When you do this, (and/or), write with this in mind – your constructing puppies, (cute but vulnerable).

Write LOUD, and unapologetically. Don’t give people what they want, (because honestly – they don’t even freakin’ know), give them what they NEED. That NEED is of course – YOU! Why would you ever water that down? Write a WOLF – because they can defend themselves, while you create their brothers in arms –ad infinitum.

(Too meta? Okay, I’ll simplify).

*Write like no one’s watching. Then do it again.*

After a few hundred posts, that’s the lesson that I’ve learned, (and I’m guessing that like any other profession- time will only make these things simpler).

That should provide you some solace.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been sticking with me, and I hope that I’m, {Insert Your Fascination With Me Here} – for many posts to come.

Now, if you excuse me –

*lights expensive cigar*

*loads rifle*

“The hunt is afoot!”

Enjoy Your Weekend,

-Antwan Crump.

2 thoughts on “300 Wolves

  1. Thank you for that. I often find myself writing my blog entries wondering what people will think of them and altering them to suit these worries. You’re right, I should just write!

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