Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Thursday my artistically inclined orators of testimony. How goes it? Should the stars have aligned in proper order – then Pluto, is once again a planet, AND EVERYTHING AS YOU KNOW IT, IS ABOUT TO CHANGE!

Assuming that the introduction was just, more of my hyperbolic jargon, (but was it? #ItWas), then we should have a moment to ponder about the mythos of writing for a bit.

*looks up at sky*

*sees Pluto broken in half*

“Or, at least, we’ll try”.

Divulgent, (not to be confused with the movie franchise that DESPERATELY wishes that it was the Hunger Games).

As a bunch of you probably know, (mainly because I won’t stop talking about it), I’ve been having a sort of creative overflow, (#NotToBrag). 

Substance, of the material, notwithstanding, I’ve developed a growing fascination, (/erotic obsession), with the sudden immensity of ideas, as well as my ability to actually produce them.

Because of my dedication,(*procrastination) – I’ve decided to do some digging on the origin of this inspiration.

Of all the things that I could come up with, (including vodka), the one common factor that I found in all that I’ve been doing is -my increased openness in the divulging of things that I hold to be true – morally, emotionally, intellectually, (sarcastically?), etc.

This isn’t at all to say that I’ve never done this, nor is it saying that you HAVE to. I’m just letting you guys know – that for me- this seems to have thoroughly combated, and defeated any remnants of writer’s block.

Though much of what I’ve written in the past carries my truth, (either subtly or slammed into your face like a tire iron)- never have I written so freely, directly, and without reservation, (the whole ‘writing with no pants’ thing tends to help as well).

So, of all the things that you guys will be reading from me in the coming weeks (as per yesterday’s post, Noir) – just know that it is essentially a group of tales that have been mainlined from my core (#TheMatrix?), directly to you all (#TheSexyMatrix) – thus my request to have them dissected and analyzed by the readers, (because who doesn’t like throwing their self-esteem to the whims of social media?).

Despite my own SDSM-type obsession – I have found that when one creates in this way, it almost doesn’t matter what people think.

The satisfaction, will come from the pride you feel in the purity of your work, and that’s all you should need to stay inspired.

*Write your truth; because you’re the only one that can. And that’s a hell of a reason to keep creating.*

Take that with you today, write for tomorrow, and create for the ethos of the infinite.

(Or don’t, and just appreciate that ambiguously motivational sentence.)

Alright gang, remember to check out Waiting For Satchmo

 (by the way -before you ask- Satchmo was Louis Armstrong’s nickname. #GoogleIt #TooDeep?).

Likes, comments, shares, (and all that other stuff that people ask for)- are appreciated (and rewarded with snide remarks in my posts that defy “the system”).

I’ve got to go see a hunchback about a bell-tower. See you tomorrow for more- things about stuff.

Crush Your Thursday,

-Antwan Crump.

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