Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Wednesday my fatally attracted fans of fiction. How goes it? Should the Quentin Tarantino -virus have gone into full effect- then you should now begin seeing parts of the future, that won’t make sense, until the end – where you’ll be shown the beginning, (that; and Samuel Jackson will show up for some reason. #FilmBuff #QT-Virus).

In any case, it’s glad to have you back for another round-about post of my daily rantings, (poorly disguised as writing advice).

And with that,

Noir, (not to be confused with- that old man who collected pairs of animals on a boat that one-time. #ForSomeReason #ButWeLearnedSomething?).

So, I’ve got a gift for you, my dear readers. Being that my life -as of late- has essentially just been a ton of writing through the fog of ideas that is my creativity, (isn’t it always?), I’ve begun to test just how far my imagination, (and several shots of vodka), can take me- should I properly apply it to the craft.

This includes, (but is not limited to), playing with: structure, dialogue, format, and various reinterpretations of other works, (that probably ought not be touched. #ButIDidItAnyway).

Because of this, I’ve been burdened with the unfortunate task of dealing with the writer’s version of #Sophie’sChoice. That is, of course, cherry-picking the ““best-ofs” – for later use, and parting ways with the misplaced fodder.

However, my issue here is- that I’m quite fond of a couple of these projects; but due to the nature of their existence, (one copyright infringement or another) – I simply can not use them.

What this means for you! –

Because I’m an ego-driven maniac, I’ll be sporadically posting the aforementioned on my blog for all to see, read, judge, (fondle gently?), etc. I do truly hope that you all thoroughly enjoy my offerings. (Or at the very least leave me some form of critique #ItHelps #ButI’llHateYou).

What you can do! –

Despite the ridiculous, (and general buffoonery of my parentheticals) – if I may be serious for a moment: because I will be essentially giving these things away- I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback, (even though I know I’m stepping on a grenade by inviting that), the constructive critiques do help immensely.

So, likes, comments, shares, etc: are appreciated, if you can take the time to check them out. (And yes, they will be a bit heavier than my usual flash fiction).


“Okay, we get it. Stop begging and tell us what the f**k is with the title!”

Well, I’m glad that you’ve inquired about that. The title of this post (Noir), is the genre of my first tentative offering.

Its’ title is simply –Waiting for Satchmo.  It’s essentially a reimagining of the classic Sam Beckett play “Waiting for Godot“- mixed with my new-found obsession with the Harlem Renaissance, (and, of course- my now trademark sardonic wit and sense of humor).

That should be ready to go at some point later today. Love it or hate it, (swipe it on Tinder?), but know that I hope it intrigues you.

Alright my pretties, I’ve got to hop back into the matrix. I’ll see you later, with something I’ll likely be sued for.

Dump this Hump-Day,

-Antwan Crump.

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