Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Tuesday my metaphysically challenged writers of tomorrow. How goes it? Should the jet have taken off in the proper trajectory – then your ride to Eden will be here shortly, (they have those cool potato chips and everything).

Failing that – and as your captain on this forthcoming literary journey- how’s about we-

*cool dad voice* 

“Wrap about a little something real quick?”

*sits backward in chair*

*spins baseball cap*

Transition, (commonly referred to as – an understated part of life, until Caitlyn Jenner got involved. #OldNews? #OlympicGreat #BadDriver).

So, I’ve been in California for a little over two months now, (on my journey both: toward the dream, and away from the dream-killers)-  and I’ve got to say, that despite the lessened environmental stress- things have pretty much been as they were – literarily speaking.

There are still deadlines, floating goals, word searches, (temper tantrums about aforementioned word searches), and of course, the natural ringer-more-all of life’s precious little (totally F–KED) moments. My point being that –

*Nothing changes, if nothing changes*

And with the exterior factors, now null in void, it’s become time to do some internal house cleaning as well. This is where our destinies bisect: The thoughts, habits, procrastinatory nature – all have to be re-evaluated and likely cut down to size.

The thing with chasing a goal – that most people don’t talk about, (because it sucks…mostly) – is that it requires a certain amount of willingness and dedication from the subject of which that change is affecting.

All of the opportunity and external life alterations can become, kind of a moot point unless we generally – become that person that we envision – collecting awards and writing that future changing sentence, that will relieve the world of its’ woes, (and Hot Pockets, THEIR TREACHERY MUST END!).

*bites into Hot Pocket*

“Damn it!”-

It’s here that we learn: sometimes we don’t have to go to that party, or have that drink, or watch that show. We become a sort of slave to our sacrifice on the road to something greater. Though this part seems horrible, (to the uninitiated) – believe it or not, it’s a necessary part of the growth inward, upward, (that was kind of deep).

So while you hope, pray, (sacrifice goats), or whatever it is you do to alert the universe that you’re willing to be a vessel for the type of change that you wish to see- meditate on the idea, that perhaps there IS more that you could be doing on your own, before you anticipate the universal assist.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” (#QuotedMyself).

Remember, being who you are – got you where you are. If you’re not happy with that, then the road to a difference – begins within.

Once at that point, I will humbly welcome you to  –Transition. But be steadfast in your decision. Not everyone makes it out.

Alright, Scooby-gang, that’s about all this Pandora’s box has got for you to ruminate on. I’ll be back before the apocalypse, with more words on something a smarter person built.

Drop-Kick Your Tuesday,

-Antwan Crump.


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