The Flash Fiction Diction

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Monday, my declaratively distinct apprentices, and welcome to yet another entry of stuff, from a writer of things, (#PointlessItalics). How was your weekend?

Should the Aztecs have rolled a sufficient number of heads down the golden steps – then CONGRATULATIONS- your harvest shall be ripe.

Failing any further dissociative episodes -like the one above- how’s about we get into some things about writing?

*places hand on your chest*

“Don’t worry, I’ll start.”

The Flash Fiction Diction, (otherwise known as – a sentence- far too long for me to do my usual schtick).

So, fans of mine, (or mortal enemies, depending on your level of sadomasochism) – may have realized that I’ve been putting out a bit more flash fiction than usual.


Two things on that:

1.) You can blame @ChuckWendig and his HIGHLY addictive weekly writing challenges, like the one in the link, (by the way -if you haven’t …check out Cam-Girl  ZOD DEMANDS IT! Although, I’m asking you nicely).

*gets on knees*

“Pwetty Pwease – Like, Share, and Comment.”

*regains dignity…albeit damaged*

2.) Novel practice. Need I say more? (No? Well I’m going to anyway).

That’s right kiddies. Sometimes a writer just needs to stretch his/her (it’s? #CyborgWriter) – creative skills in an old, time-tested way -known as practice.

Now, though I don’t think that every writer MUST flex via this format, I do find, that doing so, can help to cut some time off of the literary learning curve.

From, sentence structure, to story/world building, to learning how to succinctly handle dialogue- flash fiction can act effectively as a personal trainer, (/lover?), for your -would be- literary muscles.

*Remember, that the best-written stories aren’t just written well, but they are delivered fantastically. Working on your flash fiction skills – can help to benefit the conciseness of your writing.*

Just think of the whole, “saying more with less” strategy, (kind of like Hemingway…but with less bullet wounds. #SadButTrue).

So, now, on to my current obsession with them. Well as all of you know – I’ve recently sold my novel- Becoming Utopia, (wait, did I tell you guys that???? I didn’t!!!!! Oh, well – yeah, that. #SpoiledAlert)- well with one novel down the tubes, and a second in the hell-spiral process -known as editing- I’m in desperate need of a new project. (Lest my mind begin to wander at other things-)

*picks up blowtorch*

*stares longingly at forest* 

And, since I haven’t entirely let go of my current edit-in-process, the short stories help to keep my creative juices flowing, as well as provide a much-needed outlet for my burgeoning psychosis (#ForestFire #SoBright!).

But, for the non-pyromaniacs – who have an immensity of ideas, those in a bit of a creative rut, or even those just looking to improve – flash fiction may be the way to go.

*You’ll never know how good it is until it’s out there.*

Let your thoughts fly, and your stories flourish. Who knows, it may just be the jumpstart that you need. At the very least, it will keep you from burning forests to the ground.

Alright team, that about wraps it up for me today. I’ve got to get back to the Thunderdome before they realize I’ve escaped. I’ll see you tomorrow for more words, bold, and pointless italics.

Go Slap Your Monday Senseless,

-Antwan Crump.



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