By: Antwan Crump

“Pull it out for me, baby.”

Her sultry demands were always too hard for him to ignore.

“That’s right baby, faster. Faster. Faster!”

He could never resist her encouragement.

“Just like that. I’m almost there.”

Their cyber romance could only be interrupted by one imminent, harsh reality-

“Please purchase more credits; to continue having fun.”

Her name was Vanessa.


Andrew’s neck slung back, in a mix of anger, and frustration -over his near completed orgasm. He sat –wanting–  as awaited a response from the woman on the other end of the screen.

His nights had dissolved into, little more, than hours of chasing digital ecstasy. His friends had long abandoned him -worried that he’d begun to lose his mind.

Most men would go broke for a “good-time gal” –but Andrew had a way to do it, with one hand, and the click of a button.

His secret was kept, but purely out of embarrassment.

He didn’t care.

It was payday. And that meant –she would be expecting him.

“I think I’m in love with you.” – as was his nightly typed goodbye message.

She invited his patronage and blew him a kiss. For him, this ritual was sacred. For her, it was a guarantee that he’d be back.

He always was.


“Hey Andrew, this is your landlord. I’ve been trying to be nice about this -given your situation- but you’ve got until Friday to pay your rent, or I’m gonna’ have to put you out. Give me a call at –

‘message erased’ “

– the phrase was familiar.


He had no time for stale tasks – his love, had been waiting.

“Pull your pants down.” -she demanded.

He complied, to the very last cent in his bank account.

“I think, I’m in love with you.” – as was his type-  her lustful voice spewed –

“Prove it.”

The panic overwhelmed him, as he stared at her blank face -terrified that she would find another. He thought he’d buy time, by discussing his day, but the times before her -were too far to remember.

“I can’t think of anything.”

“Then you don’t love me. Baby, is there another girl?”

“No! I promise, just give me some time.”

He demanded. She complied.

She complied.


“Andrew, this is Mom. I know you’ve been busy, and I’ve been trying not to bother you -but have you been by the house lately? I can’t seem to find any of my jewelry. Your father and I have been looking all over for it. Call me back when you get a-

‘message erased’ ” 

– who cares about things?


“That’s right baby, do it.” – she moaned, as he panted. Submissive to her -it was his turn.

“Tell, me you love me.”

“I love you, so much.”

“Then, prove it.”

“And, what do I get?”

She stood up for him, exposing her figure – her light robe dropped down to her feet. This was his favorite part. The wanting-

“You wear those for me?”- he asked.

She smiled- and showed him what he had desired.

“You like?” -she inquired.

He undressed with her, as her picture, turned to pixels.


HIs screen went dark before he could show her the ring.


“Hi, Andrew. This is Matt from Human Resources. I’d like to speak with you about the recent burglary at the office. If you can -give me a call back, it’d be highly-

‘message erased’ “-

he never planned on going back.


“I got you something.” – he said.

The blood had drained from his face. He knew that she’d notice his less than desirable expression -yet, for the very first time, the inevitable was not his immediate intent.

She pulled her face in, close to the camera, assuring him that she was giving him her full attention. They touched their lips to the screens, and for a moment it seemed they had forgotten all but each other.

“What’d you get for me, honey?”

He slid his hand beside his keyboard. Forcing a smile he told her-

“Close your eyes and count to three.”

He demanded.

She complied.

Lifting the ring to the camera, he told her that it was, ‘time to peek’.

“Who’s that for?”

“For you, of course.” – he answered, shocked by her befuddled response-

“Do you like it?”

“It’s lovely.”- she said at a loss for words-

“Why don’t you put that down, and play with me?”

He got to finish that night.


The next day went “better” than most.

No missed calls. No voicemails. No work.

He logged in early – to assure that he was the first to greet her.

The minutes turned to hours, as he sat – hunched over his keyboard- sipping coffee sans whiskey to ensure that he’d be in top form -for her.

She was four hours late. Just as his anxiety had begun to heighten -there she was. Her name binged on his screen like a polar star – his eyes lightened up in kind. He sent her a simple message-

“Hello, my dear.”

-to no response.

Assuming, that it must be a glitch he tried again. Then again, then again, and again. Still to no response – as her name flickered on his Apple screen. The panic set in.

He refreshed the window several times. When that didn’t work, he restarted it. When that didn’t work -he shut it down.

Beating his last option to a pulp, he resolved to do -what he’d promise her he’d never do- he created a new username. There she was, top of the page.

He hesitated, as he thought of a way to identify himself.

“The ring!” – he thought.

He opened her window and listened in on her public chat, as he searched for it-

“Some loser just proposed to me one here the other night. Guys! If you’re going to be that dumb – at least try to do it- without jerking off for a stranger.”

His heart raced. His nose bled. There was a knock on the door.

“Anyway, who wants to show me that daddy dick?” – she said -teasing her audience with glimpses of Andrew’s ‘favorite parts’.

Andrew crumbled in his chair.


“Andrew! This is the Sheriff’s Department. Come out with your hands to the sky, or we’ll be forced to take aggressive action!”

They demanded.

He complied.

The End.

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