Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy Friday, my vehement victors of veracity. How goes it? Should the Easter Bunny arrive early -for some reason-




Assuming that you have some time before a rabbit breaks your legs with a wicker basket, how’s about I spin a pre-weekend writer’s yarn? (And quite possibly a cast. #Don’tMessWithTheBunny).


Rolling, (otherwise known as, the primary reason that we haven’t gotten a new Snoop Dogg album in a while. #SmartJoke #DumbDrug).

So, I’ve been pondering the idea of success. Not just the singular event, that can easily be identified as the “made-it”  moment.

Rather, the actual success – which is of course everything that helped to catalyze it.

As creatives, we tend to view our success as a piece, collection, (and for the particularly endowed), an era -of time, of which- we can perceive our careers as having peaked.

What we fail to look at, however, is what precisely made that level of skill or attention possible.

You see, it isn’t just that you had some major break through, or touched a chord- (because of some divine prostate check or anything)- but instead, that you’ve advanced far enough in your craft, to not only understand what was desired, but had the capacity to deliver on it as well.

That is -of course- excluding the rare prodigy’s and one-hit wonders.

For many of us, that peak time comes from hours upon hours, days upon days, (once upon a time?), and years upon years, of tirelessly beating on your craft.

We need that flop , that hit,  and the hundreds of minor accolades and less than favorable critiques.

This signifies our progression in experimentation -which in turn- let’s us know what best works, and what doesn’t, (and if we get good enough we can manipulate one into the other for posterity purposes or sending a message).

The point is,

One stroke of the brush, does not a painter make.

There is a TON of necessary trial and error involved and it’s all for a purpose.

Stay away from thoughts of failure and content. Instead, view every new piece as another step in the imminently unending stairwell that is your artistic career -and move forward.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”,-

(I believe that I have some followers from Rome that can vouch for that),

-and neither will you be -so fall forward and allow yourself to keep progressing undeterred.

Think less of the outcome, and more of the coming project to be. Focus is key in this arena.

When we allow ourselves the freedom to deliver,  we not only improve our artistic nature, but the potential art therein.

At that point -your rolling- steady, sturdy and precise – as you should be.

Alright team, we made it to the weekend, and now it’s time to show our livers what we’re really made of, (if you’re like me, then it’s mostly tacos and tequila).

I’ll see you on Monday, for more jargon amidst punctuation.

Enjoy Your Weekend,

-Antwan Crump.


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