Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Salutations, and happy Thursday my whimsically inclined behemoths of literature. How goes the week? Should the aliens have probed you correctly – then CONGRATULATIONS! – you’re now an antenna, (does anyone even remember what that is? #SoOld #SoVeryOld).

In either case, I’m glad to have you back for another round of –Antwan says the darndest things, (patent pending).

And on that note,

Source, (otherwise known as- the place you look for, that’s somehow at the beginning).

So let’s talk about enlightenment. We’ve all had that “ah-ha” moment. Our brains fire up, our eyes widen, and our bodies fill with dopamine, (or whatever substance you’re taking) – we’re jacked in and ready to go.

This, my dear readers, is the epiphany. The time that many writer’s feel most capable and compelled to write their little hearts out, (until their fingers are withering with the precursors of impending arthritis). This is, obviously a great time to be a writer. But what of the others?

A common mistake that some creatives make whilst pursuing their craft, (or a lover)- is “taking to the hills”, at the first sign of incapability. What needs to be understood, is that the job of writing, is precisely that – a job. If that isn’t the case for you – then I’m sorry to say that your perspective may need some fine tuning.

Sure, there are those who wield the keyboard for an isolated period or a final hoorah, and to them I say kudos, (that’s Latin for imposter #It’sNot #IDon’tKnowLatin).

However, for those in chase of a career- the “shooting star” hope approach, doesn’t necessarily work.

One does not simply wait for inspiration, (anymore than one can simply walk into Mordor), no my friends, even in times of inspirational drought – we must somehow find nourishment from the well of creativity. (That sounded naughtier than intended).

How you ask? (You didn’t).

By venturing out in pursuit of the Source of inspiration.

We can do this in a variety of ways, but for times sake, (and because I’m tired), I’ll give you the general technique.

Put down your project, (if you have one) – and think of a thing that helps you clear your mind.

I find that whatever gets your brain to shut the hell up for a controlled amount of time works best.

Whether it be music, television, reading, (flushing things down the toilet), or whatever it is that you can do to distract your mind – do it.

It may seem crazy, but what this does, is allow your surface thoughts to settle, and your subconscious to take over the most powerful parts of your brain, (while you mindlessly tool about).

Spoiler Alert: This subconscious, meditative state will give birth to a bevy of thoughts, ideas, (llamas?), etc – that you can harness for your story -whether it be in the beginning stages, or the very last page.

From there, your creativity should be given a decent kick-start. If not, then simply rinse, wash, and repeat.

Don’t fear the story, let it happen the way that you truly desire. There is no right way – there is only complete and incomplete.


Alright kiddos, that’s all the news from this particular source for today. I’ll be back tomorrow, carrying words in a post.

Back to Work,

-Antwan Crump.

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