Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings, and happy last Monday of the shortest month, (length, not height), and -as always- welcome to yet another post; from a guy whose ability to type should have been rescinded long ago, (#singletear).

Should your weekend have gone as planned -then hopefully that boil you needed removed- will go away on it’s own.

Failing that -keep picking at it- while I spin yet another yarn, from the woolen sanctuary that is my writing advice.

(That was oddly moving).

*clears throat*

Laziness, (otherwise known as, that thing right next to Jay-Ziness #NotAWord #Don’tJudgeMe #JiggaWhat).

“Ah yes. To be one with the act of doing absolutely nothing.” -Sherlock Holmes.

As creatives, (or anyone for that matter), we tend to have some rather serious bouts with both our motivation, as well as our general focus.

Unfortunately, both of these faults lead to the same place, that place, of course, is no where.

We’ve all been there. The idea is planted, the groundwork is set, (we’ve watched #Sherlock so many times, that we think #BenedictCumberbatch is the impersonator), etc.

Even if we manage to concentrate long enough to begin, our minds just won’t allow it. (Causing that boil -from earlier- to itch).

It’s frustrating, it’s agonizing, and worst of all – it’s actually not your fault.

Okay, it kind of is – but hear me out, (unless your too lazy to).

Human beings have a need to satisfy their built in reward system. This system is connected to our survival instinct, and thus motivation is born.

Because we are creatives, (and despite our constant insistence), what we do is intrinsically non-essential for our survival), some biological trickery is needed to produce motivation in that area.

*Assuming that your warm, fed, and sheltered, the following should help.

Simply Put:  where there is no instant gratification, we must create it.

Because we, as people,(and/or holograms), have an instinctual need to satisfy our reward system, the solution becomes creating a subconscious connection between- your craft, and imminent reward for acting in it’s interest.

Think of it as manipulating the dopamine receptors in your mind to react to your craft in the same way that it would to any illicit drug, (or chocolate….you should have said chocolate).

When we practice this, we will not only lessen the strength of our psuedo-avolition, but in time dissipate the problem of laziness and procrastination all together.

(Or, for the most part. I won’t pretend to know you.)

Now, isn’t that neat?

(No… that was a lot of words about a concept that this author can barely grasp).

“Shut up inner voice!”

But, valid point.

Okay, I’ll break it down to a sentence,

Reward yourself for productivity – your brain will thank you.

Think of laziness, as less of a momentary lapse of ambition, and more as habitual pattern.

Instead of going on that #NetflixBinge, get up, get moving, get to work -and most importantly- reward yourself for doing so.

Simple things catalyze complex changes.

Remember that.

Or don’t – I don’t care. I’ve got some hypocrisy to get to.

Blow Your Monday Sky-high,

-Antwan Crump.

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