The Pits

Dear World

Please Kill Me,

Greetings and happy Tuesday my brooding writers of the midnight sky (that sounds way more epic than intended). If all has gone well – then the unicorns have landed and are currently preparing a feast in your honor, (I promise that was a sober thought #Doesn’tSeemLikeIt). In any case, I’m glad that you’re hear, and hope that you’ve thoroughly prepared for another post from Darth Writer.

The Pits (otherwise known as god’s arm pocket)

*checks under arm*



Anyway, creative fields are ones of obvious highs and lows. We laugh a little, we cry a little, (we curl up into the fetal position?), and sometimes we’re just plain stuck. Given that we all experience and react to the highs and lows differently (usually with some sort of mind-altering substance) – let’s focus on the stuck part (for like the billionth time) – because it’s the part of the process that most tend to struggle with.

*salutes fallen creatives*

*steals their computer paper*

For time sake – let’s just call them The Pits. Regardless of where you are in the process, it’s likely that in the interim of your work that you will run into a speed bump or two. Even if you sped produced something, the chances of being derailed in the go over are pretty astronomical.

This usually has nothing to do with the work itself, it’s just something that comes with the territory of being a constant creator. And rightly so, no one wants to (nor should be) the same level of artist after every project. The point is to evolve and surpass. If you wish to do that, it also means defeating your past self (#ViolentTimeMachine #Don’tStealMyAwesomeTitle). This is where The Pits come into the fold.

It may manifest as writer’s block, over editing, (dirty underwear?), etc. No matter what curve-ball is thrown at you, just remember that it’s an astronomically bigger issue if things (seemingly) go off without a hitch – because that means that you’re not growing as a [Insert Self-Description Here]. We need these speed-bumps to (please excuse the upcoming metaphor) – know exactly how to traverse the road ahead (#ImaginaryMaserati). Learn to harness and appreciate the creative lows.

For those of you lost – I’ll break it down in simpler terms. Struggle makes you stronger. It sucks – yes. It’s hard – absolutely. (You feel like roaming the streets in your underwear while carrying a #NoWookiesAllowed sign – of course). But at the end of the day -should you choose to power through- you will be that much better for it.

The solution -as always- is easy. Write when you want to, write twice as much when you don’t want to, and on the days that you think about giving up; prep the coffee and HIT THAT KEYBOARD!

The Pits are designed to make or break you (sorry for the cliche’, but it’s true). The only true way around the obstacle – is to keep defeating it – EVERY SINGLE DAY, (that is of course unless you’d rather me steal the paper from your printer). Don’t be afraid to fail, be brave enough to keep trying despite it.

Alrighty ladies and gents – that’s all the news from the Empire this week (yes, I have been on a #StarWars binge #Don’tJudge). I’ll see you in the future for more text on a screen.

Go Eat Your Tuesday Alive,

(or, ya know….. just have a good one.)

-Antwan Crump.

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